My vision for you

I hope you fall
In love
with many things

Different people

And your own reflection

In the mirror

I hope you surrender

to the heat

of the moment

To the instincts you have

To the taste of what you’ve eaten

And the music that you feel

I hope you climb

over obstacles

Your own and those God made

and cross boundaries

Made by man and by land

I hope you are kissed

With sheer delight

While giggling

With deep passion

Upon the third eye

In the middle of the night

When the sun rises

And when you least expect it

I hope you reach

for your goals

And your dreams

To help someone up

And hold someone close

To bridge the gap

I hope you dance

in the arms of someone

outside under the stars

All by yourself

And whenever the music stirs your soul
I hope you settle
for a little chaos
dirt. dust and piles
so that you can
have more fun

I hope you say “YES”
when you want
and “NO” only when
you really mean it

I hope you walk
with love

Down the beaten path

Into quirky stores

On treasure hunts

Holding hands

And filling your own

With beautiful flowers
and stones

I hope you dare

To live generously

Love extravagantly

As if this is the only life you have

Jeanna’ Mead

7 41 a.m. January 1 2020


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