Special day?

She had a lover

And a friend

A man

Since way back when

But on this day

It seemed like

She didn’t have any

About time

She learned

Hot to expect

What others did

She might have heard about

Friends and lovers

But that didn’t mean

She got the same


Crazy Daisies

She would rather have

Crazy Daisies in pitchers

Or Mason jars


She would rather have

Tequila and whiskey


She would rather be picked up

Taken for a ride

In blue jeans and barefeet


She would rather receive

A simple bracelet

Handwritten card


She would rather have

Chocolate kisses


She would rather be

Taken out for burgers and beer

A little live music somewhere


She would rather be

Kissed again and again


She would just wait and see

What will be


Jeanna’ Mead

6 23 a.m. 2.13.20


Too Far


Another Song

Willie and Kris

Keep me company

When the nights turn into mornings

Words flow like honey

And my body craves

What I always give

Good thing

I can count on

Willie and Kris

To fill in all the spaces

Sweet talk to me

Just a little

I can pretend anyway

That every song

Was meant just for me



Saturday afternoon, my friend and I held each other’s eyes and hands as she sang “Hero” for me again.

It was especially meaningful this time because so much had changed since the first time she sang it for me.

The first time, her dad and I had gone to meet a friend of theirs in Dallas and the four of us had sat in the kitchen, drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers and talking and laughing with the easy companionship of people that just got each other so well.

It was a beautiful night and Kayla begin to sing after I remarked that I couldn’t understand the lyrics to the songs that we were listening to.

And sing she did… With this strong, beautiful voice that bought tears to my eyes.

It was intimate and enriching. It was an act of trust and a gift of courage and it felt so good to share that moment, that night, that song.

This time it was just us, sitting in the chairs upstairs at my massage studio. We had just plugged in my new Bluetooth speaker and connected Spotify and I handed the tablet to her with an invitation in my eyes.

She accepted. The first song she sang, America Honey, held some sweet lyrics

“Tryin’ to be everything

Can make you lose your mind

I just wanna go back in time”.

Sometimes, I do. I want to go back in time, to my long lost friend and tell him how much I treasured his friendship.I want to go back and speak words that I held back, to remind him that he should never give up who he is for anyone else.

I can’t go back. Neither can anyone else.

However we can go forward and we can find the hero that lies within us.

“There’s a hero if you look inside your heart
You don’t have to be afraid of what you are. There’s an answer, if you reach into your soul”

That’s what I have found. I’ve found my own superhero powers, once I took a good hard look at my own heart and realized I really did have everything I was searching for.

This is what I hope my friend finds. I hope he finds his way back to music and art, to the things that made him who he was.

I see my beautiful friend changing courses and challenging herself to become more of what she wants to be.

When she said, “I’m so proud of myself,” it was with conviction that if she spoke the words outloud, they became real.

Just like the song she sang, loud and clear, for me on Saturday afternoon and on that night, long ago.

“Lord knows, dreams are hard to follow, but don’t let anyone tear them away….. Hold on… “

So I hold on to my dreams… I hold on … and I find the hero that lies inside of me and in the people that share my life and sing the words of the songs I need to hear.

Jeanna’ Mead 4 24 a.m. 2.6.20


Around 2 a. m

She woke up

From a restless sleep

Where she dreamed of

What she wanted

Everything she needed

and mysterious things

That probably had some meaning

And like she always did

Around 2 a.m

what came natural

she curled up

With a blanket wrapped

around her

She wrote her heart out

The only way she knew how

And she wished for coffee

But didn’t want to walk

All the way downstairs

Leave the warmth for the col

the bottom half

Never stayed warm enough, anyways

Around 2 a.m

She would do without coffee

For now

But she would not do

the feel of her blanket

The sound of the music

or the words she found

Waiting to be read

Around 2 a.m

3.29 a.m. 2.6.2020


Poems on Tuesday


Crazy Train

Never saw a label

That made me laugh

As hard as this one did

“Crazy Train”

Just might be

The very best description yet

Of the way I feel

I’m riding this crazy train

Going fast as I can

Headed out to anywhere

Just to see what it’s like

I want to ride hard and ride long

Dance on the ragged edge of life and love

I want to screech to a stop

Freeze this moment for a good long time

I want to stand up

On my tippy toes

Blow kisses to the Moon

And catch a few of my own

Dare myself to be more

Jump straight out of my comfort zone

I want to turn heads and tear up walls

Break down all those things

That used to hold me back

Rules and regulations

Other people’s expectations

I want to grab the reins

And ride that crazy train

For all I’m worth

Jeanna’ Mead

4 57 a.m. 1.23.20


Who The Hell

Who the hell

Are you, anyway

Looking over your shoulder

Wondering what’s I’ve got that you don’t

Who the hell

Are you, anyways

Whispering underneath your breath

Passing judgment like refreshments

Casting stones and smearing names

Who the hell

Do you think you are

Looking down

As if you’re as pure as the driven snow

I’ll tell you

Who the hell you are

You ain’t no friend of mine

You ain’t sitting at my table

Or drinking my wine

You ain’t filling my space

With your vicious vibe

Because, I see right through

That well maintenance facade

Who the hell do you think you’re fooling

As well as you fool your own self?

I’ll be damned

If you’ll try to make me feel

Less than Beautiful

In my own skin

There ain’t no way

You can tell me

How beautiful I am

Jeanna’ Mead

656 a.m. 1.20 20


Vision 2020

She will be different

This time around

She’s learned her lessons

The hard way


She’s put her self

In a holding pattern

For way too long

But it’s a new year

Vision 2020

Like the third eye



All that spiritual mojo

She sees the past

Without too much regret

It is what it is

She sees the present

Like it is

Just now

This moment and this day

She sees the future

And she’s not afraid

She’ll be ready

For whatever it takes

She won’t lean on

Anyone else

Climb every obstacle

By her own self

She will make her plans

Figure out a way

Step by step

No matter what it takes

Until she can look at herself

And know she did her best

Vision 2020

Jeanna’ Mead

7 20 a.m. 1.8.20