High School Reunion

Everybody tells what they are now
Glossing over what made them who they are
Not a mention of the nights
Wishing they were somewhere else
Oh they talk about best friends
Been together since God knows when
Leave out the drunken nights
One night stands
Long affairs
They pretend it’s been smooth sailing
Like the song that was so cool
But heaven knows
It’s smoke and mirrors
Behind every smile
There’s more
They try to hide
She reads the stories
With half a smirk, half a smile
She didn’t belong back then
Sure as hell don’t now
But she still wears lace underneath
Cowboy boots on her feet
And the best stories are the ones
She keeps to herself



All she wanted was something long

Like a long drink of water
On a hot Texas day

Long, hot bath
At the end of any day

A long walk through the woods
Or maybe along the beach

Long slow kisses
As she stood on her toes

She wanted long conversations
With comfortable silences
That came from an easy understanding

Long novels and long movies
That kept her on the edge of her seat
Waiting to see what would be

She wanted to go on long drives in the country
To put both feet on the dashboard
Let the windows down
Play the music loud

Sometimes she wanted a long, tight hug

Long, lazy breakfast
Lingering over coffee

A long embrace
And a longer goodbye

She wanted to live a long, long life

Love a long, long, long time

She wanted everything to be just a little bit longer

Sometimes, long was a really good thing


Kindness Of Strangers

While doing a session, this beautiful song came on and, as I read the words, I thought of the way the kindness of strangers has touched my heart the last several days.
I had pulled up at Action Sport Nutrition in Rockwall when a guy rolled down his window to tell me something.
I stepped closer to his car and told him that I couldn’t hear him because I’m hard of hearing. . He got out and showed me where my skid plate had came loose. He was kind enough to remove his mask so I could read his lips.He cared enough to stop and alert a stranger about something. That’s kindness.
I went into the store where I’ve gone for years because I know the owner is such a kind man.Of course, after telling Matt what happened, Matt walked out and looked under my car, too, and assured me that I could drive safely back to work.At Healthy Banh Mi, the young lady that took my order, used her phone to verify who I was and after giving my order to me, she signed “thank you” with kindness in her eyes.I had a new client that looked up on YouTube the way to sign “thank you” and surprised me by signing it after his massage.When I was at MOD Pizza a few weeks ago, another client recognized my situation, as I tried to understand what was being said to me and she came to my rescue.The kindness of strangers makes such a difference, even more so when you have a hearing loss and depend on lip reading in a world where almost every place masks are required.
I have found, though, that masks seem to bring out the best in most people or maybe it’s just me, and I receive the best because I expect it- I really do… I expect to be treated with kindness, I expect to be able to read lips and I expect to find good people in my path and somehow, that isexactly what happens.So if you see me out and about and if you’ve got on a mask, I promise it’s not my intention to be rude, but I really can’t understand a word you say behind that mask… But I can understand every kindness you show me and others.Just remember this, “kindness is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”#deaftherapist #writingmyheartoutHere is the song… me how the kindness of strangers has brighten your day!


September 11, Then and Now

On this date, September 11,the world changed forever.

So many people woke up and had no idea it would be their last kiss, last words, last hug.
It was. They didn’t choose that.

The First Responders kept going again and again, doing what they were trained for… They choose and the world of those that loved them changed forever.

Today, choose to change the world again ,by spreading as much love as you can.

While we say that we will “never forget”, in truth ,we’ve became apathetic, harden,unforgiving and bitter in so many ways.

We look for flaws instead of beauty,we make excuses instead of plans,we neglect those we love too often, we hesitate to give generously and to offer our best.

We give lip service to cute pictures and posts, but in reality,we are so self absorbed that we miss out on so much.

Today, you can be the first to say “I’m sorry”, the first to say “I love you” and the first to offer an embrace. It may very well be the last chance you get, so don’t let your life be filled with regret.

We have lived so much of 2020 on the edge…
Far too many people are wearing masks that hide smiles, standing far apart instead of touching, waiting for a magical vaccine or the end of Covid….

The thing is, fear is stealing joy, it’s taking away precious time and beautiful memories.

The towers fell down because of terrorists .

We are allowing another kind of terror to take over our lives- the fear of the unknown and the little known…we are so damn afraid of dying, that we do not live fully.

I don’t know all the answers but I do know love is the best one.

Be the first. Never forget.
Walk with Love. Please. Be fearless.

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead




In my life
I’ve read bedtime stories
Nursery rhymes
Cosmopolitan magazines
Romance novels
Tattered love letters

I’ve read between the lines
The stories no one
Dares to read out loud

I’ve read body language
Loud and clear
An open invitation
Unyielding wall

The eyes have been
By far the easiest
For me to see
Desire and disdain
Respect and tolerance
Affection and aggravation
Hope and fear

But the thing I read
More than anything
Is the lips of whoever
Is speaking to me

👣♥️🤟Jeanna’ Mead.


Raw Spot

There’s a spot on him
She knows so well
It’s been rubbed raw
And doesn’t heal
Every time she touches it
She knows why it’s there
It’s a reminder of who he is
And what he does
Why he comes to see her
When he can
She knows the oil she uses can’t erase
The bruise that the gun makes
But she tries anyway
She places her hands
On his skin
Feels him let go
Breathe in
And it’s enough
That she gets to touch
That spot again
Do what she can
To help the one that walks
The blue line
Day after day
Night after night.

💙👣 For my LEO
Jeanna’ Mead
423 a. m. 9.3.20


Bracelets and Breasts

The room was cold

Or maybe it was her

Wearing only blue jeans

And sandals on her feet

With a flowered print cape

Covering her breasts

She tried not to think

Too much

Too long

To breathe instead

And give it all

To God

The ache she felt

Tender to the touch

Made her feel so alone

So aware

She reached up underneath

Stroked the places where it hurt the most

She looked everywhere

In the sterile room

But found what she needed

Layered on her wrist

“You were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it.”

Òh, yes.

Damn straight

“She believed she could, and so she did.”


Every bracelet she wears

Is a gift

It makes her think

Of the person that loved her enough

To give her what she needed

To get through days like this

When she has to sit

All by herself

Again and again

And she felt peace

About her bracelets and her breasts

Jeanna’ Mead. 7:07. 8.30.20



“Rest” he said

When she asked

For one word

*Rest,” she repeated

And placed her hand on his

Sometimes rest is what we need

Instead of other things

He needed rest

And she knew what to do

To give it to him

Right then and there

Each time, it was different

But one thing didn’t change

The way they could

Sit together

Quite content

To rest.

👣💙 Jeanna’ Mead
11 42 p.m. 8.17.20


Asking Too Much

It seems like such a little thing,

really it does

but maybe it is asking too much

to expect more than just the bare minimum

a reply

a simple “yes” or “no”

would be all it would take

some sort of closure

peace of mind

instead of being left dangling

Hanging in limbo

She would remember

really well

the next time

she is asked to do too much

Jeanna’ Mead 3 22 p.m 8,17,20


Blue Lines, White Lies

This was nothing new,

seemed like she had always knew

that if she stepped over the edge

she just might find herself falling

telling little white lies to herself

making do and doing without

standing on the blue lines

holding her breath

for as long as she could

just because that was the safest thing she knew to do

Jeanna; Mead. 5 29 p,m August 16 2020