Playing With Words

She purrs when she’s doing
What she pleases
Drinking what she wants
Laying in the company of the few kindred spirits
Savoring chocolates
Writing words
Kneading bodies
It’s just the way she is
A wildcat
That seems so tame
Except by those
That have heard
Her purr turn
Into a roar

👣❤ Jeanna’ Mead
725 a.m 3-19-19

He left room
Blank spaces
At the bottom
Of the page
Tempting her
To leave her mark
Expose some truths
Bare her skin
And her heart
Reach across the darkness
Tie up the loose ends
Make him yearn for more
For whatever she wanted to do.

7 31 a.m

132 seconds

She counted each one

To see how long

It would take

She knew it wouldn’t

Be long

132 seconds

From start to finish

Beginning to end

That’s all it took

To be done

👣💔 Jeanna’ Mead

7 00 a.m 3-20-19



Writing words

Fingers on skin

Instead of

Pens on paper

Blank canvas

She wondered

If she could hand over

Fine tip markers

Climb up

Lay down

Let go

Release all expectations

Just to see

Which words

What art

Would appear

On her skin

👣💙Jeanna’ Mead

709 a.m 3-20-19

Hard Pressed

It was one of those things

Pros and cons of both

Were so easy to see

She stood on the ragged edge

Weighing in each hand

The choices laid before her

Hard pressed

She called upon her Creator

Held on to her faith

Pulled together her circle

Those she knew

Full well

Would not pull any punches

Hold back any truth

Shoot straight

Tell it like it is

Help her to think

A little more wisely

Choose the best

One out of two

Since she’s always been

Hard pressed

To just follow her


God given intuition

Fly by the seats

Of her well-worn jeans

Somehow land on her feet

She’ll be hard pressed

To find a better way

Than to listen to the words

Weigh both sides

Pros and cons

Look at every angle

Open all the doors

Walk up and down

Before she takes off running

Along the ragged edge

Letting go of every thing

Leaping to her destiny

Hard pressed

To be more like she dreamed

And do all the things

She’s always said

She would


When she wasn’t so

Hard pressed

By everything else

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

6 52 a.m. 3-18-19


She is a wild rose

Far stronger than she looks
Making men go
Weak in the knees
With just a whisper and a glance
But her real power is unleashed
When she reaches out
And touches the body
Steals the soul
Makes the man
Fall apart at the seams
Bring her roses only to find
That if he knew her half way
He would bring
Wildflowers and whiskey
Chocolate and leather bound journals
Sit beside her and try his best
To understand
Just how
She can get under his skin
Make him forget
Who he is
Have no fear
Or shame
Of any consequences
As long as he can be with her
Just a little longer
Hold her closer
Feel her embrace
Breathe in her scent
Caress her skin
Fall into the unknown
All because she’s stronger than she looks

She’s a thorn in his side.

7 23 a.m 3-16-19

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important…” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

thorns and roses

she is
cold blooded
and warm hearted

a soft embrace
and a knife
in the back

she’s the thorn
in my finger
and the rose
from whence it came

there is nothing
she wouldn’t
give me
and nothing
she won’t repossess

she is fiercely insistent
that i am not in control
and neither is she

she has set me above no one
nor anyone above me

she hasn’t the fear
nor the common sense
to worry about consequence

she is a firm handshake
and a sucker punch

an acceptance
and a denial

the truth
amidst the lies

lying within her truth

she is mine
and she is not

and never again

she is woman…


Hard Truths

Some nights

She tosses and turns

Trying her best

To make sense

Of the past

All the things that happened

That she can’t explain

All the “if only’s”

That keep her awake

Hard truths

Can’t be changed

Time can’t be rewinded or erased

Doors left open

Can break hearts

Hidden things can cause harm

And all she can do is

Toss and turn

Give it over to the One

That knows full well

How much this hurts

To live with so many

Hard truths


Jeanna’ Mead

6 49 a.m 3-16-19

For Blue Boy..our beloved Blue.

The door was left unlocked
Almost closed but not shut all the way
It was just so easy
For her to slip in
Find a place
As if she had been here
Many times before

She helped herself to the chips and salsa
Opened the fridge
Grabbed a cold one
Made herself at home

She wrote a few lines
Read a few pages
Playing cat-and-mouse with nouns and verbs
Creating stories
Rhymes and verse

Some would turn into poetry,stories or lyrics
Others would be painted
Quite a few would wind up erased
Crumbled up pages

Because sometimes the words
Hold too much raw truth
Misinterpretation could be hell to pay
But she writes them anyways
With a bit of mystery
Veiled cloak
Hidden in plain sight
No different after all
That the concealed carry handgun
Tucked inside her fringed cowhide bag

Things aren’t always what they seem
Words don’t always make sense
Some people just don’t quite get

The beauty of an open invitation
A door left slightly ajar
Or a poem that starts out as one
Leads to another
Making a real good explanation
Rhyme and reason
For her to walk right on in
And make herself at home

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead
6 16 a.m. 3-10-19


Some people didn’t like her

Feared her touch

Couldn’t meet her eyes

Stood back

As if she was contagious

And that was just fine with her

She knew damn well

The pure and simple truth

Her spirit just irritated the tarnation

Out of some people’s own demons

And they couldn’t handle

Her spirit

👣💛Jeanna’ Mead

9 11 a.m. 3-10-19

On The Floor

She found herself

Laying on the bathroom floor

For how long

She had no idea

But it couldn’t have been

That long at all

There are bruises on her knee

That tell how hard she fell

A tender spot as well

It was enough to make her think twice

The current state of things

Would have to change

She couldn’t go on

Like this anymore

Finding herself laying

On a bathroom floor

Made her so glad no-one else had pushed through the door

And only she knew

The hard,cold truth

Of the why and how

That she wound up there

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

9 02 a.m 3-10-19