Once Again No More

She had tried

Once again

Spent days and nights

So much time

Losing herself

In someone else

No more

No more

She learned

This time for good

It’ll be the last time

She gives so much

From this day on

Day and night

So much time

Will be spent different

On what she should have

Never let slide away

Once again

No more

She knew what it was

End of the story

Good enough

Time to set it all aside

Another lesson learned

Once again

No more.

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

2 55 p.m. 6.23.20


Still His

He used to sit outside

In the swing underneath the trees

An open invitation

Was always given

For me to sit beside him

On that double swing

We would talk about almost everything

Or nothing at all

I can still feel his hand

Resting on my knee

See the twinkle in his eyes

When I would join him outside

He used to sit on the couch

Facing the big picture window

In the fancy room of the house

Where the record player took center stage

And he could sit and think

I had an open invitation

To come sit down beside him

We would talk about almost everything

But not about the war

He said those were things he couldn’t explain

And that was it

I can still feel his strong hand resting on my knee

The way he looked at me

Made it perfectly clear

Exactly what he thought

It’s been a long time

Almost half my life

Since I’ve had an open invitation

A chance to sit and listen

To the man that raised me

But I still feel his hands

I still hear his voice

I still see those blue+gray eyes

And I’m still his.

For my beloved Daddy

Jeanna’ Mead

June 22 2020. 7 33 a.m


For Too Long

For way too long

She’s put off


On the back burner

Bottom of the totem pole

Balanced everything else

Gave and gave again

Until there was nothing left

But now the time

Might just be right

She’s got less than she’s ever had

More time

That’s for sure

So she made herself a promise

Swore this time

Would be different

From all the others

There was no reason

Why she couldn’t

Do what she had planned

For way too long

It sure has hell wouldn’t be easy

It sure would take time

But that’s one thing

She had plenty of

If she put half a mind to it

As much as she had in the beginning

When she made one dream come into reality

There was no reason why

She couldn’t do this too

For way too long

It’s been on her mind

One of her biggest regrets

This would be the year

The best one yet

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

4 29 p.m. 6 6 20


So It Is

She had reached out



Almost five years later

Close enough to the days

That changed everything

Pushed her to the ragged edge

Where she had to stand for months on end

And almost lost herself

In the process

She had felt the need

To say some things

Give them both a measure of peace

It is what it is

It becomes what you make of it

She didn’t feel any fear

Not a bit of shame

Not regrets

Or any guilt

She didn’t feel like she needed to explain

Because she knew what it meant

So maybe the reason why

Things seemed the way they were

Was because it is more than what it was

.👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

3 14 p.m. 6.6 20