Clear As Day

Wherever that expression came from….I’ve always wondered because some days are dark and cloudy and other days,the sun shines so brightly that it is almost impossible to see.

Yet,we say “clear as day” as if that means everything should be clearly understood and accepted.

Well, some things have became “clear as day” to me lately and I feel lead to write a bit about it and just let my words go wherever they are intended and recieved by those who are they are meant to find them.

I read this blog written for a step mom and the daughter said,” I can’t use the word “step” in referring to you, because you have loved me and my sister and my dad in such a way that I have never felt less than beloved”

Think about that….I know so many women that are jealous of their husbands relationships with other women,,even his own daughters and sisters.
What this actually does is draw his love away from the wife, rather than multiplying and surrounding all of them,jealously divides love and it leaves everyone feeling “less than”

It’s clear as day , love your spouse’s children and encourage them to have strong bonds and time together,alone, because when you give love away,you always recieve more in return. 

Another thing that’s clear as day to me is that people can change, and real love allows others to change,grow and become who they are meant to be.
Sometimes it’s difficult to accept the changes without saying, “ooh, you used to do this” or ” this won’t last,it’s too much of a change” but in doing that, we place limitations -not just on the one that’s changing ,but also ourselves.
Sometimes the change is small- like choosing to wear a wedding band,other times it’s complex like changing to a vegan lifestyle or moving to a different state.

Some changes take great courage; opening my own studio was a huge change and it took faith and courage from others and myself.

It has been clear as day the best thing I could have done for myself.

I also know that the right people come into our lives when we need them.
I’ve watched friendships bloom and flourish between unexpected people and each has become better because of the friendship.
The spiritual connection between friends is a precious gift that should be nurtured.
I’ve let some friendships fall away and I’ve taken others for granted when it’s clear as day that these relationships are essential,and worth pursuing and cultivating.

One thing is for sure, I see clearly enough that love covers a multiple of sins, it covers everything,Clear As Day

Feel with both hands, Jeanna’


I’m a massage therapist that owns a studio,Rockwall Body and Soul Massage, but even more than that, I’m a writer and explorer with an insatiable desire to read,write,dance,and discover the beauty of each soul v that comes into my life.

I’m a massage therapist that owns a studio,Rockwall Body and Soul Massage, but even more than that, I’m a writer and explorer with an insatiable desire to read,write,dance,and discover the beauty of each soul that comes into my life..


Giving gifts

The last few days I have been thinking about gifts- those we give and those we receive.  I came from a family of givers that loved to surprise loved ones with unexpected gifts.  I would often get a call, telling me stop by because they found something that was “just  perfect’ for me.

Those early days began a life long love of giving and receiving gifts. I love the whole art and act of giving.. from the first thought down to  the selecting, and seeking  , the gift wrapping and writing the cards, imaging the reaction of the  person receiving the hand picked gift … and the actually exchange .

Sometimes, though, there are times when I second guess my gifts …   wondering if it will be received with the intention that I mean for it , wondering if others will understand the gift or read more into it than intended. and sometimes I do not give , after all, because I am unsure of what to give, or how to give.

But, last week I was part of something beautiful that has lit a flame in my soul for giving abundantly  to those I know and love and to those that just happen to come into my space and my life for whatever reason and I am moved to give to them.

You see, I share my studio space with two licensed professional counselors and while I was giving a massage to a man, his wife waited in our lobby and she talked briefly with another man that was a client of one of my counselors.  When I stepped out to wash my hands after finishing her husbands session, she approached me with a request that bought us both to  tears.  She wanted to anonymously give a the man she had talked to the gift of massage.    She handed me the money to cover a session for him and we embraced,  and I saw tears of joy in her eyes that she was able to give something so precious to someone… I cried tears of gratitude to be part of such selfless giving … she barely knew the man and yet , she cared enough to give generously to someone , just because her heart lead her to.

She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t second guess herself, she didn’t feel the need to discuss  it with her husband… instead, she simply acted upon the desire to give and in doing so, she received the blissful feeling of knowing that she has made a difference.. in that mans life, in my life and in others that have seen and heard about this beautiful gift.

I wonder how many times that we have been out and about and noticed something that made us think of someone and instead of acting on the impulse and purchasing it , we shrug it off ,thinking “oh,that is SO her, but maybe I shouldn’t get it”  or “he would love this, but… I don’t know if it’s right to give it to him.”

Well, I can’t do anything about what others do, but, from this day forward , I will follow my soul and I will give when the urge strikes my fancy,when something I see makes me think instantly of someone, when the opportunity arises to bless a stranger  with something unexpected. I have already been indulging in a quest for the perfect gifts of gratitude for some dear friends… and there are more to come and I am filled with anticipation of what I am about to give .. and to receive.

The joy of gift giving … and gift receiving.. may it be yours as well as mine.


Mindful Massage

I’ve been a massage therapist for over ten years and I’ve been receiving massages for even longer than that and there’s one thing that I’ve learned really matters when it comes to giving and receiving massage.

It’s mindfulness-the simple,profound act of being absolutely present and mindful of the person you are with.

This isn’t something that only applies to massage,though, in all situations, giving the gift of our mindful attention makes the difference.
It is felt by the body it is instinctively known by the soul when we are with someone.

As a therapist, once I enter a room with my client and place my hands on them, I become present,mindful,completely with that person.  It’s my honor,my privilege,and my gift to be able to touch,to massage,to hold space and in order to do that, I focus with intention on who I’m with and what my purpose is at this moment.

Massage touches the body,the mind and the spirit and every touch matters.  We simply can not touch the body without also touching the soul.

That’s one of the many reasons why I my clients come to me.
They can feel that my attention is centered on them and they know that I’m focused on giving them the best massage,each and every time they come to me.

Mindful massage-it doesn’t just sound good,it feels wonderful.

Experience it for yourselfMindful Massage


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Just a few words,again.

There’s something magical about writing for yourself,because the words simply come tumbling out,and then discovering that others read them,relish them,ponder them and are moved enough to respond with words of their own.

I can imagine sitting outside, in the morning with brimming cups of coffee, leaning forward and sharing words with kindred spirits.

I imagine watching the sun set, the sky go from blue to indigo, while sweet wine is poured into my glass, a Chardonnay into the others,as we linger over words we’ve written and read.

I can imagine all this because I dream of the day that it comes. 

Now if only the others could come-I’ll have coffee in the morning,and wine all the time. 
Bring your words, I’ve got mine.


Making my list

In 5 days, I’ll celebrate my birthday and I’ve spent the last few days making my list of what i want from this year of my life. 
I started this tradition when i was 39 -listing what i wanted to learn,to do and to become   for that year of my life.
I haven’t always did everything o my list,but writing it and creating the space for it has become a very important ritual and has made me the woman I am now, and urges me towards being the person I want to be.

One reason for my list is spurred by great loss and the realization that rules are meant to be broken.

You see, months before my 39th birthday, my mom asked me for a list of friends that she could invite to the birthday party she wanted to give me.
I said “Mom,you should wait and give me a 40th birthday ….no one does 39th birthday parties.”  and she replied “I might not live that long,Jeanna'” and even though I knew she was fighting cancer, I was still sure she would be able to throw me an “traditional” 40th birthday party -“just like everybody else”.
Well ,my mom died 3 months before my 40th birthday and I have regretted denying her the pleasure of giving me a birthday party every since.

So, now I make lists -determined to live my life without regretting lost opportunities, without paying heed to what’s “expected” but instead listening to my own soul and my own body and following my instincts and desires.

This list  lead me to enroll in massage school, to begin weight training seriously, to open my own studio, to write more and to read books that inspire and encourage me.

This year my list is divided into sections.
Financially- I want to learn to buy stocks. I’ve never done that and I’m intrigued.
Business-Develop a stronger web presence and build my client base so that I’m fully booked 4 days a week.
Learn Lomi Lomi for the spiritual side of my therapeutic work and take more classes to help clients with chronic problems.
Personal-take dance classes. I’ve been waiting for my partner to find time in his schedule,then I just accepted that it’s not a priority to him,but it is to me and so I’ll find classes for myself.

Set aside time to write and create-this fulfills my soul and it’s essential to my well-being. 

Open my heart up to new friendships,new adventures,new lessons.
One way I’m doing this is simply by saying,”YES” to invitations,and by being available to have dinner,go dancing,ride a kayak, meet for a drink.

I’m still creating my list -anticipating becoming a better dancer that is stronger in body and spirit, a more understanding,compassionate woman, an educated,empathic therapist, and a financially secure force to be reckoned with.
I want to become more brave,more intuitive,more willing and have more adventures and less “stuff” and regrets.

That’s the start of a wonderful year.
I’m taking suggestions…..what should I add to  Jeanna’s List


Seize The Moments

Last week,a friend and I had planned on getting together for a leisurely conversation at a coffee shop, but the “to do” list began to grow and suddenly, there wasn’t much time left before school was out and she had to pick her son up.

I suggested we meet another day and she said,” Let’s seize the moments.”
Both of us jumped in our cars, raced to the coffee shop and for 45 minutes, we laughed, cried, hugged and talked.

It was wonderful and spontaneous and just what we both needed. It’s what friendship is about.

That brings me to something I’ve realized..that so often, we make reasons NOT to do something , instead of reasons we can …find excuses, place limitations, expecting everything to be “just so” before we go do it, making sure it’s “okay” with everyone and everything else first.

I know people that live such a scheduled life, that they won’t take time for little excursions, or to do anything at the spur of the moment.

Yet, we miss out on so much by doing that. We miss out on the dance, we miss out on opportunities, and we miss out on life. We miss out on building relationships because we are concerned about what others will think…which is often the reason we deny ourselves the pleasure of company.

I’m learning to seize the moments , though, and to say “YES!” when I’m asked to have breakfast, to go for a walk, to dance with a stranger, to try a new wine, to open my home up….because I want o to live my life with anticipation, with an open heart and a willing, curious spirit ….and unless I say “YES” and seize the moments, I’ll never know if I’m missing something great.

So, next time you have 45 minutes, why don’t you text someone you’ve been thinking about and say, “I’ve got 45 minutes. Wanna meet me someplace?”

I promise I will…and if you ask me, I’ll say “Absolutely, yes!”


Meant to be.

I’ve learned a beautiful lesson over the past few years….It’s something that I struggled with in the beginning and that I embrace now, although I will admit that there are times when I still wonder….but, the doubt is erased as the Universe shows me, time after time, to trust in the process of life and love.

What I’ve learned is that the people that are meant to be in my life, as friends, as clients, as kindred spirits will come to me.
I’ve found that I draw in the people that have an open heart,a deep capacity for love, and an profound interest in living an authentic life.
These people find their way into my studio, and into my heart because it is quite simply just meant to be.
I’m at the place that I am because of several beautiful relationships that lead the way….one leading to another…and together, bringing me to a place of blissful contentment and
deep desire.
The universe has bought me exactly where I need to be and it’s given me the people that belong to me.
It’s meant to be.Meant to be my clients


Right now.


I found this while searching for wisdom to write on my cards that I send to clients and friends….and the more I reflect on it, the more it touches me .
Tuesday afternoon,I massaged a lady and after her two hour session ended, she wrapped me in a hug and said,”Thank you for making me feel cared for.”
And I felt tears brim in my eyes as I assured her that I did, indeed , care about her.

So rarely these days, do we give our full attention to the one we are with; we juggle our phones, our mind wanders, we become engrossed in the TV and the person we are with begins to feel like they are just one of many distractions…
When I am with someone, I put on my imaginary blinders and all my focus is centered on the one I am with-they notice and it matters.

That’s why the most important time is right now, and the most loving thing we can do is be fully present with the most important person-the one we are with.

It’s that simple.Right Now