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Ann’s Choice

When I was 16 years old, I had a boyfriend, David, with an incredible mom that made a lifelong impact on me. One afternoon I was invited to a cookout at the backyard of their house in Dallas, and David's dad was there as well. I had never seen a divorced couple on good terms… Continue reading Ann’s Choice


Simple and Extraordinary

Paulo Coelho: "Be blessed. The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them" There were flowers In a coffee cup That she would use Again and again While remembering Her friend There was wine And desserts Long talks Belly laughs A special stone Bought from a long ways… Continue reading Simple and Extraordinary


These Two Men

These two men sit Outside with me Comfortable and at ease Talking about the past Things they did Places they had been I sit there Looking at them Reading their lips Knowing full well I'm missing some words But still I know enough These two men Bring me along Include me in We have a… Continue reading These Two Men


Holding Flowers

She could have tossed the broken pieces away swept up the shards and let it be over and done with But that just wasn't her kind of way She picked up every piece laid them down then one by one placed them back in best way she could a little bit of super glue a… Continue reading Holding Flowers


Travel Bug

Oh, how she wished for the time to come that she could go instead of dream pack her bags and fly off to see and be part of an adventure taste and touch treasure hunt dive headfirst into the blue-green surf find a cabin in the neck of the woods spend the morning hiking and… Continue reading Travel Bug


Broke Down

She had  brokedown on the wrong side of town and still found the kindness of strangers there She broke down couldn't help the tears standing by an old man that smelled of English Leather And cherry tobacco His cowboy hat and well-worn boots pushed her to the edge and he didn't know exactly what to… Continue reading Broke Down

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Be There

She saw another picture got a postcard in the mail was told to hold the spot for another time All these people  going places  where she wishes she could be there Texts sent feet in the sand drink in hand beautiful mountains of Ireland a cathedral in Spain saxophone playing in Greece There's a part… Continue reading Be There