Sunday was Mother’s day. It was also my birthday.

When I was born on Mother’s day, my mom and my Mema declared that I was their “mother’s day present” and from that day forward, no other gift I could give them mattered as much because I made them who they wanted to be- a mom and a Mema.

I used to think it was silly the way they would write on my birthday cards, “to our Mother’s day present” and how they would tell everyone I was “extra special delivery” because I was born on such an important day.

I was spoiled rotten by both of them. I knew it and they knew it, too.

I really do get it now.

I understand how they felt about me in ways I couldn’t understand when I was younger.

I am who they were…now.

I am a mom and a Jamma. My “presents” don’t come in packages tied with bows anymore.

My favorite gifts have names and they call me names.

They made me who I am and who I want to be.

Sunday afternoon, I stood on my porch as my little blonde Charli ran as fast as she could and jumped into my arms, both of us squeezing tight after 3 months apart due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the issuing Shelter In Place.

That’s the best present. That’s the gift I was born for

I was born on Mother’s day to become a daughter that was known and loved unconditionally so I could become a mom and Jamma that knows and loves unconditionally, too, just like I was taught to do.

There’s a quote by Anne LaMont that came to mind as I was surrounded by my children and grandchildren.

“I think this is how we are supposed to be… Present and in awe.”

I was present and in awe as I watched my sons discuss politics.

I was present and in awe as I picked out yellow lantana, red salvia and purple verbana with my husband.

I was present and in awe as I read the words on the shirt my daughter picked for me.

I was present and in awe of every bite of my shortcake covered with berries and cream.

I was present and in awe of the laughter I heard coming from everyone gathered in my home.

I was present and in awe of the people that reached out to me with messages and cards and gifts that showed I was known and loved.

I was present and in awe of how much I’m becoming like the women that raised me.

Mother’s day falls on my birthday,or maybe it’s the other way around, every four years, and every time I realize more and more what a gift it is to be present and in awe of what I receive and what I give.

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

May 18 2020. 8 49 a.m

Country Goddess

So, what does it mean,
to call someone a goddess?

In ages past, when confronted with the most inspiring, the most mysterious, the most desirous… we often gave a name and a form to it…

Aphrodite for beauty,
Minerva for wisdom,
Isis for strength and nurturing…

You, my friend, have all of that, in abundance.

I’m not shy at all to call you a goddess…
A goddess in jeans and boots and a tank top and a little bit of lace.

You’ve sent me to other worlds with your hands and your words.

Oh, how I wish that you would dance with me again!

Happy birthday, country girl!.

❤over ten years ago,this guy and I became friends after sitting next to each other for the Dallas Morning News Voices writers meeting.

I became his “country girl” and he is my “city boy”.

We share stories and poetry and check in on each other and after years of teasing, my city boy finally caved in and bought cowboy boots.

He wears them every Friday to the office and thinks of how his country girl was right when she told him that a pair of good cowboy boots could change his life.

I guess now I’m the “country goddess”

Lord have mercy.