Paulo Coelho-  "Happiness is getting rid of the unnecessary" I find such wisdom in this sentence..such freedom in a few well chosen words and such a desire to follow through on it. Happiness is indeed getting ride of the unnecessary.  I look in my closet- clothes I don't love, shoes I never wear and I... Continue Reading →


she got the news long awaited much desired unbelievable tears filled her eyes rolled down her face and she wrapped her arms around herself letting her heart believe that all the things that came to be were finally going  to have a purpose far beyond what she  used to believe She felt the joy of... Continue Reading →


On November 20 of 2012, I wrote this because I've always been frustrated by gatherings because of my hearing loss. AVA -The Audio Visual Accessibility app has changed this. I'll be able to sit outside around the campfire and understand the stories. I'll be able to participate in family board games without feeling like a... Continue Reading →

Trick And Treat

👣💗 Inspired by Paulo Coelho: "It is easy to be a hater. Go for the difficult task: be a lover." There's a trick she's still learning  the hard way But years ago, she wrote a simple prayer in a poem " Let my heart be broken torn into pieces bring me to my knees Let... Continue Reading →

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