Deaf and Blind

I'll just come right out and say it as clear as I can.   I'm deaf and blind. I was told, "Jeanna',don't be blinded." because I disagreed with several women in a post about knowing the heart of another person. Well, when well-meaning, holy rollers start quoting scripture and verse, claiming to know what the "real... Continue Reading →


If only I could see me the way you see me everything would be different I keep the lights on because the darkness hides your lips and I can't,  for the life of me,  understand a word you say But the same light  that lets me see to read shows everything  I wish I could... Continue Reading →

Feel Touched

Come sit down  right here beside me Come on hold my hand walk with me Come in lean against me feel my strength and your own Come by wrap your arms around me dance with me Come along lay down safe beneath these sheets receive the touch your body needs and your soul craves Come... Continue Reading →

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