Hard Truth

The time had been coming

for many months now

She knew it would happen

sooner or later

prepared herself the best she could

She’s a master of her art and craft

A master of disguise as well

She’ll close her eyes

and let her hands feel

Say all the right things

put others at ease

It’s a hard truth

but it’s what she’ll have to do

Show her worth

that she’s good

A master of her art and craft

a master of disguise as well

She’ll do her very best

the moves for which she’s well known 

She’ll hold on and she’ll hold it in

It’ll be something else

but she’ll make do

It’s the hard truth

but she’ll be just fine

She’s a master of het art and craft

A master of disguise as well

She”‘ll hold on and hold it in

she won’t make that sound

the one that escapes

when she’s most content

but then that’s just

the hard truth

that only happens now and then

Because she’s a master of disguise

and of her art and craft as well

👣❤  Jeanna’ Mead

8 50 a.m. 7-7-18


This and That

It just goes to show

how little is known

how much she keeps

all to herself

She’s been told 

that she should make plans

to go here and to do this

as if it’s the easiest thing

that she could do

Little does anyone know

how much she longs

to go there and do that
She listens to the stories

of all the adventures

Looks at the pictures

reads the words

Writes down in her leather bound book

a bucket list

of dreams and wishes

the places she’ll like to see

when the time comes

that she can finally

go there and do that

She’s so good
At getting by

and doing without

Stretching and squeezing

to do this and that

making ends meet 

by the skin of her teeth

She’s done it before

and she’ll do it as long as it takes

Because that’s how she was raised

She keeps her secrets

carved inside her heart

written in cursive 

spoken to the trees

whispered to the heavens

and she makes plans

to go there and do this

see.taste and feel all that

and one day

when no one expects it

she’ll be doing more

than getting by

and doing without.

👣❤Jeanna’ Mead

6 26 a.m. 7-7-18