Loved Held Loved

The door was closed

The room was dim

A single light shone

She breathed in

Felt herself release

As she finally received

The chance to give

What she knew best

She wondered if he knew

The magnitude of the gift

Loved held loved

In such different ways

One was loved from before birth

From head to tiny toes

The other loved

For body and soul

And both called him

A name that was his alone

The door was opened

The light shone

They stood closely

Three sets of brown eyes

Content and at ease

Just as they should be

And loved held loved

Jeanna’ Mead

8 53 a.m. 9-10-18


These Two Men

These two men sit

Outside with me

Comfortable and at ease

Talking about the past

Things they did

Places they had been

I sit there

Looking at them

Reading their lips

Knowing full well

I’m missing some words

But still

I know enough

These two men

Bring me along

Include me in

We have a past

Present and future

I have no doubt

These two men

Hold me close

Don’t leave me out

Remind me of who I am

And when I wonder

If it’s enough

I think about the way

These two men

Sit and talk

With me

And I feel the love

That comes along

From being known

And knowing well

These two men.


8 18 a.m. 8-16-16

For Jim and Benjamin..these two men…..