Bright Pink Scarf

Week after week on Sunday mornings I show up Walk right through the door get another cup of coffee and take a seat down as close as I can be just like I'm supposed to do holding my head up high holding AVA tight None of the church ladies and certainly not the men have... Continue Reading →


she got the news long awaited much desired unbelievable tears filled her eyes rolled down her face and she wrapped her arms around herself letting her heart believe that all the things that came to be were finally going  to have a purpose far beyond what she  used to believe She felt the joy of... Continue Reading →


​He asked me why I paused  holding him breathing a whisper in his ear to relax I met his eyes and said "There is purpose in the pause meaning in the rest a sacred space  between this move  and that" He shut his eyes and let out a breath I felt him  finally give in... Continue Reading →

Trick And Treat

πŸ‘£πŸ’— Inspired by Paulo Coelho: "It is easy to be a hater. Go for the difficult task: be a lover." There's a trick she's still learning  the hard way But years ago, she wrote a simple prayer in a poem " Let my heart be broken torn into pieces bring me to my knees Let... Continue Reading →

Lyrics and Tears

I always ask my clients what music they would like to listen to during their sessions. Often they don't have any preference, so I'll play a Spotify soundtrack based on my previous week's choices. Since I can't hear the music unless it's really loud- much too loud for the relaxation of my clients- I rely... Continue Reading →

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