Red Rover

“Red Rover, Red Rover”

She lays there

half awake and half asleep

long ago memories

pushing thru the haze

“Red Rover, Red Rover”

She stared at the row

of hands held tight

looking for the weakest link

to run to and break free

much to the surprise 

of those that doubted

 her might and strength

They only saw her size

bites and pieces 

of who she was

the label that they used
to try to describe

the girl they called

to break the line

“Red Rover, Red Rover”

She heard them call 

“Come over, Come over”

Spurred on by the doubts and the taunts

She ran as if her life depended on it

Broke the chains and the expectations

and suddenly she was in

standing in a row

lined up with the very same ones

that moments ago

spurred her on with doubts and taunts

“Red Rover, Red Rover”

Here she was

needed now 

She clasped the outstretched hands

and braced herself

dug her heels in

willed herself to have

more might and strength

Don’t let anyone think

she’s the weakest link

never let them break through

even if they knock her down

with doubts and taunts

she’ll surprise them all

that thought they knew

bites and pieces

of the girl they used a label

to describe

“Red Rover, Red Rover”

She sits up 

wide awake now

seeing clearly 

all the times 

she clasped hands

broke through the chains

the expectations

the labels

surprising herself and others

with her might and strength

and finding out

exactly what are the weakest links

and who is strong enough

to hold her hand

break free and be there

“Come over, Come Over”

One or Another

She saw him standing there

on the edge of the circle

from just far enough
that he didn’t see her

His back was turned

but she knew it well

After all this time

She paused for just a moment

breathe in 

get her strength

straighten up her shoulders

shake her head

clear the air

before she turned around

and walked the other way

So that he wouldn’t be

in an awkward position

tough situation

caught between 

a rock and a hard place

one or another

He turned aaround 

just in the nick of time

to see her walking out
her back was turned

but he knew it well

After all this time

He paused for just a moment

trying to decide

if he should catch her 

or stay away

from awkward positions

tough situations

 rock and a hard place

one or another

Jeanna’ Mead

6 12 p.m 10/20/17