Bright Pink Scarf

Week after week on Sunday mornings I show up Walk right through the door get another cup of coffee and take a seat down as close as I can be just like I'm supposed to do holding my head up high holding AVA tight None of the church ladies and certainly not the men have... Continue Reading →


Paulo Coelho-  "Happiness is getting rid of the unnecessary" I find such wisdom in this sentence..such freedom in a few well chosen words and such a desire to follow through on it. Happiness is indeed getting ride of the unnecessary.  I look in my closet- clothes I don't love, shoes I never wear and I... Continue Reading →


He asked for what he wanted With twinkling eyes And a mischievous smile "I want sugars" He leaned forward Placed his lips on mine And gave sugars Until he had all he wanted For the moment I wonder what life would be like If we simply asked for what we wanted And gave what we... Continue Reading →

Making Sense

Long ago, she had been told Southern rules That "good" girls follow Never mix silver and gold Don't wear black with brown Heaven forbid if you get caught wearing white before Easter or after Labour Day It just isn't done that way Make sure you get as good as you give Love only the "right"... Continue Reading →

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