Wild Heart

As I head into the room to create the things on my my list My boots are on my feet and my jeans hug my hips I'm wearing a shirt that says it all, "Listen with all that you have" I find myself praying like my momma used to do just talking on to Jesus... Continue Reading →

Not A Word

There were words hidden in the cracks  between the lines along the ragged edge that weren't so easy to find like a pirate's loot of treasure disguised in plain sight only a very few ever looked long and hard  deep enough to see what was there Not a word was said no hint it had... Continue Reading →

Roses and Thorns

A person that plants thorns, must never expect to gather roses.           -Paulo Coelho I read this and sat outside on my patio, pondering the wisdom of these words as I looked at the garden filled with flowers and green plants,and tall trees that are losing their leaves. There's a chapter in... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I was inspired to write this poem after two encounters reminded me of how I should love my body more. As I flipped through the yoga pants at Ross, I noticed a woman in a wheelchair being pushed by her daughter.  The woman only had her right leg and her daughter tucked a blanket... Continue Reading →

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