Wild Heart

As I head into the room to create the things on my my list My boots are on my feet and my jeans hug my hips I'm wearing a shirt that says it all, "Listen with all that you have" I find myself praying like my momma used to do just talking on to Jesus... Continue Reading →


If only I could see me the way you see me everything would be different I keep the lights on because the darkness hides your lips and I can't,  for the life of me,  understand a word you say But the same light  that lets me see to read shows everything  I wish I could... Continue Reading →


Please Listen Don't just hear Be in awe Of the sounds Laughter A shout of glee  The lyrics to a song  Playing on the radio A whisper Thunderclaps Rain coming down The cry of an infant A coyote'showl  The ambulance Police sirens A cat's meow The dogs growl Listen  To the voices  You recognize  And... Continue Reading →

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