Wild Heart

As I head into the room to create the things on my my list My boots are on my feet and my jeans hug my hips I'm wearing a shirt that says it all, "Listen with all that you have" I find myself praying like my momma used to do just talking on to Jesus... Continue Reading →

Take Me There

"Take me there." ...most people just say "It was amazing!" or "I had a great time." and " It was really nice."...etc But , then, there are the ones that can literally take me wherever they are because they use words in such descriptive ways that I, too, can feel the pounding of their heart... Continue Reading →

Read Between The Lines

She drew an imaginary line Dividing who she was And who she's becoming She used to be satisfied Crumbs instead of feasts A peck on the cheek Pat on the back A few kind words Once in awhile A little bit of loving Was just enough Then bit by bit And day by day She... Continue Reading →

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