Wild Heart

As I head into the room to create the things on my my list My boots are on my feet and my jeans hug my hips I'm wearing a shirt that says it all, "Listen with all that you have" I find myself praying like my momma used to do just talking on to Jesus... Continue Reading →


If only I could see me the way you see me everything would be different I keep the lights on because the darkness hides your lips and I can't,  for the life of me,  understand a word you say But the same light  that lets me see to read shows everything  I wish I could... Continue Reading →

Roses and Thorns

A person that plants thorns, must never expect to gather roses.           -Paulo Coelho I read this and sat outside on my patio, pondering the wisdom of these words as I looked at the garden filled with flowers and green plants,and tall trees that are losing their leaves. There's a chapter in... Continue Reading →

Something Else

 New soles and new shoes Jeans,  pants,and a few more shirts A real good reason A need and a want Money well spent But still Could have been Something else A need and a want Money well spent A real good reason But still It was something else


She figured it would be just a bite to eat a drink or two Skim the surface Like most people do She didn't expect To be heard Get her soul fed Thirst quenched. Hand held She should have figured. She would be Touched. Jeanna' Mead 1 33 - 3/15/17

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