Beautiful Disaster

He called them

as he saw them

Straight shooting man

that he always had been
But damned if he

didn’t knock this one

straight out of the field
She’s pretending to be

all so sweet and innocent

pretending that she 

doesn’t know

what she’s doing

and that she’s

 powerful enough

to make grown men

bawl and squall

and carry on
She flirts with disaster

dances with the devil

winks at the stranger

 and cheats the curse

of ordinary

every single  day
She sweet talks


pulling out all the stops

while drinking

 sweet wine

sweet tea

hard lemonade
He calls her “Mi Lady”

she calls him

when she needs him

to help make sure

she doesn’t create


beautiful disaster
Jeanna’ Mead

9 00 p.m.  10/23/17

because of the open invitation.


One or Another

She saw him standing there

on the edge of the circle

from just far enough
that he didn’t see her

His back was turned

but she knew it well

After all this time

She paused for just a moment

breathe in 

get her strength

straighten up her shoulders

shake her head

clear the air

before she turned around

and walked the other way

So that he wouldn’t be

in an awkward position

tough situation

caught between 

a rock and a hard place

one or another

He turned aaround 

just in the nick of time

to see her walking out
her back was turned

but he knew it well

After all this time

He paused for just a moment

trying to decide

if he should catch her 

or stay away

from awkward positions

tough situations

 rock and a hard place

one or another

Jeanna’ Mead

6 12 p.m 10/20/17