So Good

Yesterday I stepped inside

My special space

Felt the peace I always receive

But then I got more than I expected

So good

From so far

A letter containing dollar bills

Signed from someone who knew

What I was going through

Wildflower shoots blooming through

In places where I had scattered seeds

Just like confetti

A dark chocolate bar saved for a day such as this

It’s all so good

I stepped away

And shut the door

Left part of my heart

While the rest of me was tickled pink

By how so good things could be.

👣🧡 Jeanna’ Mead

8.11 a.m. 3.31.20


Crazy Times

She never thought the day would come

That the doors would have to be shut

Keeping her from doing what she loves

But it’s crazy times just now

What she does isn’t deemed “essential”

And she knows damn well it’s not quite true

That’s just like beauty

In the eye of the beholder

Crazy to believe it anyways

But she aches to touch

Aches to be touched

Misses the music and the lyrics

The good vibes

The scent of coconut oil on her hands

The feel of another person’s skin

She misses the pulse she feels, the rise and fall of breath

She longs to be needed,to fill the void

To step up and press down

Give her all and get more

It’s crazy how she knows

What to do and when and where to go

But right now

These crazy times

Are keeping her

From doing what she loves

So she’ll make do

In other ways

Hold her breath

Find the treasures

On the ragged edges

And make it through

These crazy times

Until she can do what she was born to do.

👣🧡 Jeanna’ Mead

3.31.20. 6 46 a.m



This has bought to light a lot of things that I’ve wondered about.

Clarity in the chaos.

I’ve lived in this house for 20 years now… and I’ve never had the time to dedicate days to organizing and cleaning my attic and garage.

I’m doing this now… Climbing up into the dark corners and finding my son’s favorite baseball shirt, the Mexican doll furniture that my daddy bought me when I was a child, the Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes that my Mema made, letters from my Mom written during her battle with cancer, favorite toys and books.

I’ve ground things that reminded me of who we used to be- guitar amps, golf clubs, rodeo equipment, and things that reminded me of people that used to be in my life.
A handwritten card, a faded hat, a note inside a book.
I’ve taken the time as I’ve gone through things, not rushing like usual to just grab the Christmas ornaments or the sleeping bags or the water guns and inner tubes.
I’m remembering. I’m pausing. I’m being present and in awe.
I’m being grateful.

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Crown Chakra

God is everywhere…in every book, in every woods, in every river, in every embrace, in every soul….
Reflect on what.unites us…and less separates us…more on what is beautiful and meaningful… not a religion, it’s a belief….
The more I live and learn and love,.the more sure I am of that… crown Chakra is strong.

Jeanna’ Mead


C S Lewis

He must have been

One hell of a man

Such an imagination

Profound wisdom

I think I would have liked

To sit beside him

And listen to him

Tell stories

Maybe, just maybe

He would have made sure

That I could understand

I feel like his words

Sink into my skin

Much like those of another great man,

Paulo Coelho,

With his great imagination

Profound wisdom

Way of playing with words

In such a way that I can’t help

But fall a little bit of the ragged edge

In love with two men

That write in such a way

My heart feels so

Known and loved.

Jeanna’ Mead

5 13a.m

March9, 2020


Maybe So

Jeanna’ Mead


Hardwired Instincts

After a sleepless October night battling nightmares, I sent a text with just a simple statement.

“Answer some questions. Has it been twenty years?”

The answer came back,

“Since 2000, so, yes, and he’s up for parole”

I had known

My intuition had been so hardwired. The nightmares had came back with intensity… I fought and I always said, “I will win. Let me fight. Let me fight”

Greg knew after years and years not to try to wake me when I was battling. It made it worse. It made me upset.

He let me fight and I fought hard

I always won.

At least in my dreams

This week, someone else sent me a text

“He gets out in April.”

I’m prepared

I started training in January.

I am ready

I will win.

In real life

Not just my dreams

Jeanna’ Mead



This …. Right here …. I knew that if I didn’t go out on my own in 2013, I would regret it…. When the chance came to move to 925, I knew that if I didn’t follow my instincts, I would regret it.

I’ve taken a lot of chances that most people thought were crazy….

This week I’ve decided to take a couple of other chances…. Because I never want to be woman that talks about what she let get away, and the chances she didn’t take..

Someone told me that I don’t give myself enough credit… That’s not true… I know exactly what I’ve done and what I’ve done without … and I know who believed in me and encouraged me and reminded me when it got tough. I’m grateful .. and I make damn sure they know.

I decided to look for signs that I was meant to take the next chance.. and it came perfectly clear and abundantly so.

This next steps are going to be amazing…I can feel it ..

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Witchy Woman

She’s made it through

Another sleepless night

Fighting dangers

That try to steal

Her peace of mind

She tossed and turned

Whispered the words

“I will win”

“Let me fight, I will win”

In her dreams

She found ways


Little things

That made the difference

Gave her the chance

To escape

She won

Every single time

In her dreams

Because in them

She was a witchy woman

Restless spirit on a endless flight

With raven hair and ruby lips

Sparks flying from her fingertips

And she couldn’t be contained

And couldn’t be trapped

And she always escaped

Because she whispered

The magic words

“I will win”

Until she believed

And she did.

Jeanna’ Mead

5 59 a.m. 2.28.20


Still A Crying Shame

For quite some time, I’ve thought about the conspiracy of love, the relationships we form with people that sometimes,often times,make sense only to us.
I have,over the years,gotten to know and to care deeply for people that have scars on their bodies, which can be seen and felt,just like my own scars but, the real wounds,the real scars are the ones carved on the soul,hidden from all but the most trusted few.

Sometimes, though,those scars become chains,snares,gilded circles of barbed wire wrapped tightly because of a decision to hold on to the pain, to yield the rope of unforgiveness, to create such a web that tangles everyone that even comes close.

There’s something tragic about seeing people afraid to step outside the confines,to dance with someone,to enjoy company;a cup of coffee, an long conversation because they have been unforgiven, and sometimes, it’s that they haven’t forgiven themselves but far,far more often,it’s because love hasn’t.

And it is a crying shame

(I wrote this in 2015… And this morning. I read it again and knew I needed to write more about this. But since I don’t have time this morning .. I’ll place it here so I can return…. In hours)