Reasons Why

There were a few reasons why

She finally made up her mind

After waiting at the ragged edge

For as long as she had

She felt that it was high time

To live life without regrets

She had been holding back

Biting her tongue

Staying in the shadows

Putting off until tomorrow

Which never seemed to come

There was a stack of unread books

Envelopes still unaddressed

Stories in her head waiting to be written

There was a long list

Of places

She would love to get

Things she wanted to do

So bad she could taste it

On the tip of her tongue

And it seemed as if

She might never get the chance

Unless she begin to do what she said

Put her words into truth

Get her own self ready

Take a few more chances

Dance just because

The music is playing

Find the treasures

In the unlikely places

Follow through

On all the things

She claimed to believe

Receive as much as she’s given

Stop making up excuses

There’s a million reasons why

She should live life

Until she dies

💙👣 Jeanna’ Mead

823 a.m 6.17.19



Deep Enough

It was about time

She accepted things

The way it was

Keep it simple

Don’t expect too much

Some people just can’t

Go in deep enough

They skim the surface

Make small talk

Keep things moving

Just touching base

And that’s about all

It’s just the way they are

She can’t go deep enough

Quench her thirst

Be satisfied

Unless she changes

Her expectations


She knows

It’s not about her

It’s just the way it is

Some people

Just can’t go

Deep enough

To find her



5 30 a.m. 6.17.19



Thunder and Lightening

She saw the lightning blots

Rip across the night sky

Heard the rain and the thunder

As she walked around

The dark house

In the hours she couldn’t sleep

Hunger woke her

But what she ate didn’t quite satisfy

She wanted more

So much more

She wanted to feel the rain

Against her skin

The sand between her toes

She wanted to watch the lightening

Somewhere else besides her home

She wanted to pack a bag

With just enough

To get by

Jump on and go for a ride

Until she found

A little slice of heaven

Peace for her mind

Rest for her body

Time on her hands

She wanted to have a little

Thunder and lightening

In another place

👣⛈️ Jeanna’ Mead

456a.m. 6.16.19



Hearing People… Pondering again

A few days ago, a new client asked me about my hearing loss and asked what was the hardest part of being half deaf.
I smiled at him and said, “The hardest part of being deaf is hearing people.”
He laughed and then we had great heart to heart talk.
There are things that hearing people take for granted that I don’t – going to the movies, calling for a doctor appointment, listening to a voice mail message, eavesdropping on a stranger’s conversation.

I explained to him that the therapist that works for me is also deaf and he was surprised. He asked how I found another deaf person in Rockwall.

Here’s the thing, y’all…Hard of hearing and deaf people are everywhere. This is the “hidden” disability, often misinterpreted as not speaking English, stupid, rude or snobbish.
None of which is true but if someone comes up behind me and says something, I’m sure I appear that way at least until I sense their presence.
Then last night my son said something profound to me.
“It’s a harsh world when you’re unable to hear well.”
He spoke the truth so well.
It is as harsh world when people see your deafness and write you off immediately instead of looking past the inconveniences that it comes with and seeing the benefits.
That’s why I always take the time to talk to people about deafness so that i can change the misconceptions that people have.
Sit down close to me so it can read your lips and let’s talk about hearing people, deaf people and how we can change the harsh world to a much better one… It can be done! #WalkWithLove #deaftherapist #AVA


Kissed By Angels

She’s been kissed by angels

That’s what she had been told

About the stains across her beautiful face

She’s been given wisdom

Way beyond her years

A fierce spirit

That rises up

She’s claimed her place

In my heart

I see the beauty of her soul

The courage she has

Brimming right below

The surface

She’s been kissed by angels

Since the day she was born

On the same day

Years and years apart

From another one

That holds a special place deep within my heart

She’s got so much strength

That I wish others could see

When they first notice

All the angel kisses

Across her face

These run more than

Only skin deep

Kisses like these

Change the way she sees

Makes her believe

Creates a unique perspective

Point of view

Take on life

That most people never quite understand

So I placed my own lips

On the top of her head

Kissed her with love

That she always knows she has

She’s set apart

Standing out from the crowd

Kisses from angels

Aren’t just tossed around

Given to just anyone

God knows good and well

That when an angel leaves stains

A warrior is made

When one thing is taken away

Other things rise up

Stronger than in others

An indomitable spirit

A rare and unusual beauty

Kissed by angels

Living with grace

Standing up


Exactly what she’s made of

Making me feel

As if I’ve been

Kissed by angels,too

❤👣Jeanna’ Mead

6 58 a.m 6.7.19.


My Caroline Grace….received her first massage from me yesterday as her 15th birthday gift. The way she was so comfortable in her skin,in her beauty,in her body made my heart dance.

I love this girl after my heart.


As Sweet As Ever

So much had changed

Over the years

It seemed like

She never got to do

All the things she used to

It was a crying shame

That so much had changed

By this time

She used to be

Dark brown like a coconut shell

From long lazy days

At the lake

She used to run and jump

Into the waters

Whenever she could

Had a bikini underneath

Just in case

The opportunity came

She rode her bike

For miles and miles

Walked all over the place

Cut off jeans and tiny tops

Leaving as much skin as possible

For the sun to touch

Well yesterday proved

One thing hadn’t changed

She’s still as sweet as ever

Still has that scent about her

And she’s covered

With the tell tale signs

That she’s been out

Messing around

Without covering every inch of skin

Without something to prevent

Getting eaten half alive

Bitten in places

She couldn’t even reach

She’s still just as sweet as ever

Marks on her skin

Make it clear

Some things haven’t changed

❤👣Jeanna’ Mead

6 23 a.m. 6.7.19