Not Lost

Outside on my patio

I’m writing cards

Sending notes

And this song comes on 
I ain’t gonna lose

My confidence 

Or my attitude
I’ve learned

Too much about

Who I am

And who He is
I’m set apart 


From-the rest
It used to bother me

That I never quite fit in

I built a wall

Stood behind it
Till truth came 

Filled my heart

I’m good enough

Way too-much

To just blend in
So I’m outside

And the sunshine

Is-coming from


My very own soul

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This poem was written on June 20 of 2016 during my healing days when I struggled to find my place and the only place I felt i belonged was on my patio.

i can finally publish this. 


Sometimes the words just fall

on deaf ears

 blank pages

tattered journals

screens that can be erased


the words are left

hanging in the air



in the heart

and the gaze

that has so many 

more words 

that are waiting

to be heard



Jeanna’ Mead

11 22 p.m 6-19-17

In This Chair

Here I am

in this chair

once again

being still

in the presence

of the One that created 

every living thing

In this chair

I find such peace

gentle and soothing

reminding me

that I am created

loved and chosen

set apart to be

just the way I am

In this chair

I let go

of all the “what if’s”

and the “why’s”

that tried so hard

 to clutter my mind

fill me with doubt

stir up old wounds

I just surrender

toss the past

over my shoulder

kick away the debris

and open up 

to all the wonders

that have been created

for my pleasure

 pure joy

constant refuge

sacred space

in this chair

where I can lose

and find

get lost 

be found

be loved

and love back

More, please!

I want more… more time to talk, more surprises along the way, more texts that make me smile and laugh out loud, more songs sent to me, more cool breezes and soft summer rains.. I want more sugar – the kind that doesn’t have calories, more strength, more compassion, more energy, and  more time to linger over drinks on the patio and coffee in the sunshine.. I want more spur of the moment visits, more spontaneous dances, more massages – both given by me and given to me,,,, I want more good times, more memories, more lovin’ and more hugs…. I want to unwrap more presents, and find unexpected treasures…… I want to write more, to dance more, to breathe more, to lift more, to experience more, to enjoy more, to capture more, to understand more and to BE more…  and I ain’t going to settle  for less .. when I want MORE~!!!