Another Women’s Words

I am not old….she said
I am rare

I am the standing ovation
At the end of the play

I am the retrospective
Of my life as Art

I am the hours
Connected like dots
Into good sense

I am the fullness
Of existing

You think I am waiting to die
But I am waiting to be found

I am a treasure
I am a map

And these wrinkles are
Imprints of my journey

Ask me anything

Samantha Reynolds, poet..

I read these words and I cried at the beauty and the simplicity and the truth.

I thought of the women I know that have stories I would like to know

I wonder if they wish to be asked… To be found.. to be seen… To be known

As more than just “the old lady that sits on the far left pew”

Or the one that whispers to herself as she plants seeds of flowers

I wonder if those ladies I know wish I would ask them anything

I wonder if they would answer

Would I be surprised? Would they?

What about me? Would I tell stories and answer questions

If I was asked anything?

Or would I gaze away and say,

“you shouldn’t ask questions like that”

While thinking to myself of what I know

And who I am

Underneath it all

I am not getting old, not really

I am becoming my self

My body caresses my soul

My soul caresses my body

I find the treasures in the moments and the questions and the words of another woman

Jeanna’ Mead, poet, too

Beautiful picture.

What I See?

What did you see first?

Let us see what it says about your unique personality traits.

A. Trees

If the first thing you see are trees and/or tree trunks, there is a large possibility you are an extrovert. You show kindness to strangers and are polite to those you know, but you have a limit and there are two things you won’t tolerate: being pushed around or mocked.

You are a sensitive soul who shows compassion to others. You pretend not to really care, but the truth is that you care greatly what they think of you.

Even though you surround yourself with people you consider to be friends, you know deep down in your heart that only a few of them are sincere and authentic. You come across as a sensitive person, but make no mistake- you are as strong as they come. You are also extremely intuitive and when it comes to showing your true emotions you would rather hide them than put them on display.

In addition, you tend to not trust people very easily. You are a mystery to some people, and they’ll never figure out what’s going on in your mind. You have a tendency to say ‘yes’ to new opportunities, making sure you succeed in anything you put your mind to.

B. Roots

If you noticed roots first, you are likely an introvert. Acknowledging your mistakes and accepting constructive criticism is what helps you to improve yourself for the future.

At first, when people meet you, their first impression of you is usually wrong. It’s likely you’ve heard “when I met you I didn’t think I’d like you,” or “when I first met you I thought _” countless times. However this impression changes when they get to know you and they start to realize you are extremely wise, and have tons of personality. It’s really not your fault you give off a different vibe at first- we all have walls for a reason after all.

You are someone who is incredibly diligent with tasks. If you want to accomplishing something, you will. You have morals and principles which you use as a guide to live by. This has made you the kind of person who knows what they want and will achieve success in life because of this clarity.
When people get to know the real you, it becomes obvious you are an independent and responsible person who always strives to be a better version of themselves. You suffer from low self-esteem sometimes, but you have genuine friends who remind you of how amazing you truly are when you need to be reminded of it.

C. Lips

If lips are what you first saw when you looked at the image, you are a simple and quiet person. You prefer an average life which is not complicated by unnecessary commotion to find fulfillment. You are very flexible in your thoughts and manners and always go with the flow.

You are wise and also sometimes naive as your thoughts are not malicious and you always have good intent. You may be perceived as weak and in need of help but in reality that is not true. You have strength in dealing with problems on your own without the help of anyone.

You do not care for complicated relationships and like to be honest with people. Therefore people come to you for advice or to talk to because they know they can trust your opinion.

Full article here:

I see trees

Because they are my favorite things

I see roots

Because they are my favorite things

I see lips

Because they are my favorite things, too

I am complex.


I am an extrovert.

An introvert.

A lip reader.

Sweet talker.

Secret keeper.







You see what I want you to see.

I keep most of myself hidden

Like roots.

Like trees.

My lips part to speak and to taste… To savor… To tease… To breathe.

I am the trees… The roots… The lips.

Jeanna’ Mead. 8 a.m Wednesday morning, May 25 2020



Sunday was Mother’s day. It was also my birthday.

When I was born on Mother’s day, my mom and my Mema declared that I was their “mother’s day present” and from that day forward, no other gift I could give them mattered as much because I made them who they wanted to be- a mom and a Mema.

I used to think it was silly the way they would write on my birthday cards, “to our Mother’s day present” and how they would tell everyone I was “extra special delivery” because I was born on such an important day.

I was spoiled rotten by both of them. I knew it and they knew it, too.

I really do get it now.

I understand how they felt about me in ways I couldn’t understand when I was younger.

I am who they were…now.

I am a mom and a Jamma. My “presents” don’t come in packages tied with bows anymore.

My favorite gifts have names and they call me names.

They made me who I am and who I want to be.

Sunday afternoon, I stood on my porch as my little blonde Charli ran as fast as she could and jumped into my arms, both of us squeezing tight after 3 months apart due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the issuing Shelter In Place.

That’s the best present. That’s the gift I was born for

I was born on Mother’s day to become a daughter that was known and loved unconditionally so I could become a mom and Jamma that knows and loves unconditionally, too, just like I was taught to do.

There’s a quote by Anne LaMont that came to mind as I was surrounded by my children and grandchildren.

“I think this is how we are supposed to be… Present and in awe.”

I was present and in awe as I watched my sons discuss politics.

I was present and in awe as I picked out yellow lantana, red salvia and purple verbana with my husband.

I was present and in awe as I read the words on the shirt my daughter picked for me.

I was present and in awe of every bite of my shortcake covered with berries and cream.

I was present and in awe of the laughter I heard coming from everyone gathered in my home.

I was present and in awe of the people that reached out to me with messages and cards and gifts that showed I was known and loved.

I was present and in awe of how much I’m becoming like the women that raised me.

Mother’s day falls on my birthday,or maybe it’s the other way around, every four years, and every time I realize more and more what a gift it is to be present and in awe of what I receive and what I give.

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

May 18 2020. 8 49 a.m


Grapes In Bed

She couldn’t sleep

And it was driving her crazy

She needed skin on skin

To be spooned and held

She needed to feel

Heartbeats against her own

But instead, here she is

Wide awake and eating red grapes in bed

Listening to music

Reading a book that makes her even more aware

That she’s alone in a too-big bed

She reads words and imagines

She’s her, for the moment

Getting caressed by strong hands

Being known so well

Down to the size she wears

Favorite things to have

And ways to be touched

While she’s eating

Grapes in bed after midnight

♥️👣 Jeanna’ Mead

1 22 a.m. May 18 2020



Today was full of intentions
I woke up with words on my mind
Did the things I was required
Then dressed with care
I put on my favorite stones
Slipped on a shirt for which I’m known
Tied a belt around my waist
Red lips and pink cheeks
I started to head to my hiding place
925 was calling my name
But then my son said
” I feel so hopeless, not sure of what to do… Everything seems to be harder
Than I ever thought it could be”
So I did what was needed
Grabbed a chair and sat
We had one cup after another
Hours flew by
Next thing I knew
The day was done
Night peeked thru
Not a word got written
Not until just now
I did what I had to
And now I’m about spent
There’s so many stories
I’m longing to tell
But looks like I’m. Going to have to wait to write




It seemed like

The silence stretched out for miles

Restless energy

She knew that if she tried

It wouldn’t feel right

She would want to get out

Stop awhile and look around

Maybe if she knew without doubt

That she could stay awhile

Someplace else

Explore and find

Her own self

Then catch up again. After awhile

She might be able to do that

It just seems like

It would be too much silence

For way too long

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

9 03 a.m. May 4 2020



It’s a rare thing

To get lucky enough

To have a someone

That you can lean on

Trust with your life

When it’s unraveling

Lead you back

When you find yourself

Standing on the ragged edge

Knows the words to say

To make you believe

When you begin to doubt your place

It’s hard to let anyone know

The in-and- out of your livihood

Mistakes you’ve made

The bottom line that collapsed

The sleepless nights when the struggle was real

The kind of someone that can pull things together

See real clear

Words and design that can stand the test of time

Pull together what is needed

Just in the nick of time

There’s something about someone

That can cut straight to the heart of the matter

Cover your bases

Help you get keep up appearance

With a single look in the eye

Understands your feelings

Backs up your lies

When you feel the need yo pretend for others sake

That knows your truth

And speaks it back to you

It’s quite extraordinary to have anything that can last

In times like this when so much changes

It’s a different kind of love

A kind of friendship that evolves

Lasts a lifetime

No matter what

Life, livihoods, lies, luck and love change

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

12 31 pm. May 3 2020.


Help Me Make It

Take the mask from your face

Fold it up and tuck it away

Take a deep sigh of relief, shake your clothes loose and let them fall,

Slide between the sheets

It’s been way too long

Let me place my hands upon your skin.

Like the shadows on the wall.

Come and lay down on my table till the session is done just right

All we are takin’ is our sweet time
Help me make it through this Covid

I don’t care what’s right or wrong,

I don’t try to understand.

Let the devil take tomorrow.

Lord, right now I need a massage

Yesterday is dead and gone

and tomorrow’s out of sight.

And it’s sad to be alone stuck in quarantine

A foam roller doesn’t take the place

Of a therapist that knows everything

Help me make it through this Covid

I don’t try to understand.

Just going to do the best I can

Let the devil take tomorrow.

Lord, today I need a massage

Yesterday is dead and gone

Only my body feels every regret and every missed chance

tomorrow’s so far away, it seems like

Lord, it’s bad to be alone

Making do with a lacrosse ball

Help me make it through this Covid

I need a massage so bad..

Jeanna’ Mead with much respect and love to the great Kris Kristopher.


Help Me Make It Through The Night Lyrics
feat. LOU REED
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Take the ribbon from your hair, Shake it loose and let it fall,
Layin’ soft upon my skin. Like the shadows on the wall.
Come and lay down by my side till the early morning light
All I’m takin’ is your time. Help me make it through the night.

I don’t care what’s right or wrong, I don’t try to understand.
Let the devil take tomorrow. Lord, tonight I need a friend.
Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow’s out of sight.
And it’s sad to be alone. Help me make it through the night.

I don’t care what’s right or wrong, (Yes, I do!)
I don’t try to understand.
Let the devil take tomorrow. Lord, tonight I need a friend.
Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow’s out of sight.
Lord, it’s bad to be alone. Help me make it through the night.

Writer(s): Kris Kristofferson
Play “Help Me Make It T…”

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Play “Help Me Make It T…”

on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)