Cruel To Herself

She knew better

Really, she did

But t that didn’t always matter

When she looked in the mirror

She found herself comparing

Who she was to who she wasn’t

She saw flaws instead of beauty

And she was so cruel to herself

She spoke words to the reflection

That she wouldn’t say to anyone else

It became a daily thing

As she gave in and became

Her own worst enemy

Instead of her own best friend

She was getting used to being cruel to herself

But then the day came

When she looked at the mirror and saw

Her daughter gazing back at her

Eyes wide open

And she saw the mirror image

Who she was and who she would be

How could she be cruel to herself

When she had someone that looked almost exactly the same

The words she started to say

Begin to change

She couldn’t be cruel to herself

When she saw herself through the eyes of God

and saw her own little girl.

💙 Jeanna’ Mead for Chasity

12.19.21. 646 a.m

Inspirited by Chasity and pushed by this devotional

Begin Again: A 7-Day Devotional By Leeana Tankersley • Devotional

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