Reading His Lips

I’m also sharing this from another friend, Ruthie Needs Coffee , because it’s also exactly how I feel.
I’ve tried, Lord knows I’ve tried, but churches just don’t do it for me. .I feel closer to God when I’m not trying so damn hard to understand what another man has to say and I listen to what my Father has to say.

A few weeks ago I was reading a devotional and it said that God wants to be close enough that we can hear His whisper.. and tears rolled down my face as I thought .. “I need Him closer enough so I can read His lips”

Reading lips is the way I’ve always been able to understand .. I can’t hear ab whisper and shouts are actually even more difficult.. so I get close to people… I get into their hula hoop personal space and I read their lips..

God is never disappointed in my choice to get close enough to read His lips.. He doesn’t flinch or back up a step or two. He doesn’t ignore me or give me the ‘Readers Digest” version and He doesn’t leave me sitting there feeling as if I’ve wasted my time.
He just loves me… and my coffee and covers and rambling words.. He sits close enough that I can read His lips and know exactly what He is saying to me.

How Evangelicals Changed The Bible To Support Their Beliefs

WalkWithLove #writingmyheartout #jeannasoul

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