The Future..

This is something else that I didn’t write but that hit my soul in such a way that I feel compelled to share here

It’s ironic because yesterday. I was watching a children’s movie and the Abuleta said to her granddaughter, “You can’t rush the future.”

So simple but so true

Just like Elle Browning words here,. There’s some simple wisdom that we can take to heart

When we grief deeply it means we loved deeply… and we must keep on loving… Even if, especially if we are fully aware that we will grief again.

“The future doesn’t have to be the same as the past’

Indeed, it doesn’t…

I don’t grief those that have gone to dance in glory because I know they left in love and were welcomed into love. I grief instead for love that’s withheld and changed by choices,.. it is what it is and I’m letting it go… And the future will not look like the past

This is a photo of me and my late brother, Brendan. It was taken by a good friend of mine, Irvin Kelly several years ago during one of our “just for fun” photo shoots in the basement of my old apartment. We used to love using Photoshop to “play with light.”

Why am I posting this today?

For a few reasons. One- even though Brendan died three years ago, I still grieve him deeply. I know that so many of you are also grieving different losses of your own, and I want to acknowledge that here.

In a FB Live this week I talked about how Covid has impacted many of us both personally and professionally, and that is a grief, too.

One concept that gives me comfort- our grief is connected to our capacity to love. We can only grieve the loss of something or someone that we have deeply loved.

And so ironically the antidote to grief and loss is not to cut off life, and to stop loving.

It’s actually to love more.

To surrender to the unknown.

To risk the exposure to even more future griefs because we allow ourselves to love so deeply and completely.

This is brave. It’s saying yes to more of life, which is a courageous act.

So this idea gives me comfort. Remembering that new things can be born. New experiences can be created. And the future doesn’t need to look exactly like the past.

Are you grieving a loss? What gives you comfort?

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