Future and Hope

‘Plans for a future and a hope! “

This is what I’ve held on to during this journey
As I’ve struggled physically, I’ve found my faith becoming stronger and my gratitude endless.

I’ve reached some real turning points this past few days.
Sunday was the first time since July that I drove to TjMaxx and went inside all by myself and shopped, then I went to Fresh- and walked all over the store trying to find what I needed.
Monday I had training with Phu Lam and then had my kinesiology session with Daymond Patterson of The Raw Power Team then I had a Simple Man session on a client at Rockwall Body and Soul Massage and then my sons came and helped me get the room ready for Rebecca Joann Brumfield to work for 2 weeks!
I came home after the hail and rain storm, exhausted and happy!

Yesterday I ran back into the store to get glasses and then did sessions, and finally stopped by to see my daughter, Kateley Lyons and love on my bundles for a minute.
Then on the spur of the moment, I asked Riven if she would come with me , and she said, “yes!”
She grabbed a bag, kissed her family and got in my car.
We went to Aldi to pick up my grocery order and then headed home.. at the red light, I turned to her and said, “I haven’t driven with you in so long”
“Not since I was 7!” she replied.
Then she said, “sometimes your driving scares me…. But then it always has even before you got sick!”

Truth spoken… So I had to share stories of how my Mema would drive crazy, racing the teenage boys at the lights, taking the corners so fast that we would slide across the seats, singing all the while….I ain’t got nothing on that woman when it comes to scary driving… But I got this .. I have a future and a hope .. every day I’m getting stronger and that’s my intention so that I can dance with Greg again, pick up my bundles and girls and take them treasure hunting at places, have cookouts and go wherever I want without falling, and to live my life, mindful of my blessings and in awe of every step I take.
It’s been a journey. . everything that has happened has taught me so much and I’m working out even harder with clear goals and expectations – to become the woman I was created to be!
God has a plan and a purpose!

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