The Underdog
L u k e 1 8 : 2 7

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

E p h e s i a n s 3

So, if He can do all these things and more, surely He can help you do more than you could have ever dreamed or thought you could do. If the odds are against you, take hope. God is in the business of using underdogs. And God wants to use an underdog just like you.


What’s holding you back from being who God wants you to be? Is it your past? Your fears? What mindset or habit do you need to get rid of to begin to be used by God in ways you never thought possible?


Jesus, I thank you for empowering me to do the impossible. I trust that you want to use me and I’m giving you permission. Take what little I have and use it to out-perform what anyone thought was possible. I give you the glory and honor.

☕💙 Damn straight

Here I am, curled in the covers, reading and writing and sipping my coffee and realizing that’s habit that’s holding me back… I’m going to stop lingering over my second cup of coffee and reading and getting up for a longer workout in the mornings and for getting this body to do far more than anyone else expects

I’ve watched the videos that Daymond Patterson has taken of me and cried every time… But that’s also motived me even more

I’m making choices to place my body and my health at the top of the totem pole so that I can be the woman, the wife, the mom, and the Jamma that I was created to be.

I have a great team on my side that believes in me and pushes me… Just like God intends.

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