Make Courageous Commitments
When making commitments, we need to be mindful of where they fit into our overall goals, objectives, and schedules. And we must consider how they fit into God’s overall plan and purpose for our lives.
Once we’ve prayerfully considered these factors and are confident in our chosen direction, we must then avoid procrastination and take action. All the while, we should be diligent to analyze and prioritize our commitments on a regular basis, avoiding anxiety, and maintaining balance in our everyday lives and schedules.

Courageously analyze and prioritize your commitments by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What commitments have I made?
  2. What commitments do I need to make?
  3. Are there any commitments I need to eliminate?
  4. How dedicated am I to my commitments?
    Prayerfully analyzing your commitments can mean the difference between success and defeat, peace of mind, and exhaustion.
    Interpret: God will give us everything we need to make courageous, God-honoring commitments. He promises to be with us along the way and will bless us in response to our dedication.
    Apply: Analyze and prioritize your commitments today. Make the ones God is encouraging you to make, eliminate the ones he’s encouraging you to eliminate, put aside procrastination, and take action.
    Pray: Father, give me wisdom and discernment regarding my commitments. Help me discern areas of my life where I am overcommitted or under committed. Grant me the ability to eliminate commitments that are not within your will and establish commitments that honor you.

☕☕ This is meant for me
As I looked into tweaking my schedule to make more time for taking care of my body-a commitment that I know I must make in order to get my strength and balance back… I realize that all those other things were falling into place for this to happen without me feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Finding balance in my life has been one of the lessons from Covid… and that is being strong and able to enjoy my bundles and my girls.. to be able to make memories and enjoy time with them.
Training my body means saying “no* to wasting time and saying ” yes” to making time.
It means that I let go of what isn’t providing results and find what I need.
It means giving up temporary things for long term gains ..

That isn’t always easy but I know it’s what God is leading me to do…

Guarding my heart.. guarding my family.. guarding my time.. guarding my body.

That means opening my heart to love more-not less, it means making more time for my family, more time for my body
I want to be able to dance with Greg Mead again, and bend down to dig in the dirt with my girls and lift up Ruthie Jane without being afraid I’ll fall over.. I want to walk outside and play with the bundles without a struggle.
I want to walk and find treasures at flea markets and move furniture without grasping the walls
I want to say “yes” to having coffee and going to get margaritas and tacos without being afraid I’ll be mistaken for drunk before I’ve tasted my tequila!

I am choosing to listen to what has been placed on my heart…
God will provide the details.

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