Watch “Tim McGraw – I Called Mama” on YouTube

Oh Lord have mercy, this popped up as I was drinking my coffee and the tears started rolling.
Oh, how I miss Momma and Mema.. how I miss the cold cokes and sitting in the driveway shooting the bull, how I miss the phone calls.. “I made a pot of stew and prune cake… Bring those babies over here!”
I miss getting to her house to find that they had gone shopping and saw something “that just had your name all over it”.. and I miss those hugs that made everything all better.

It is almost Mother’s day, which is the day I was born on.. and how I miss hearing my momma tell me-again and again- “I don’t need no present… You are my Mother’s day gift every day”
Mema told me that I better not go ” bawling and squalling and carrying on” after she went to glory because she said that I had been so good to her and didn’t have no reason to.
Maybe that’s the truth…. I loved her so much that one day when she was pulling out in the car , she grabbed my hand and said,” Jeanna, you love me too much … They might have to bury you with me when the time comes… You better remember those kids gonna need you to love on them enough for both of us! “
She was right…. I did love her too much.. and that’s one of the best things ever!

I wish I could call them up… I wish I could bring over my bundles and my girls and watch them love on them all.
Instead.. I’m gonna try my best to be like my momma and Mema’… I’m gonna love too much, I’m gonna ” feel with both hands’ and I’m gonna spoil my babies rotten and make as many memories as I can so that when the Good Lord calls me to dance in glory, all of them will miss me like crazy and have stories to pass on to their own grandchildren… “Jamma was crazy… She would make us all sing ” TallyDah”and shake our booties and she would buy gifts for no reason and dip cookies in coffee… and she was always the first person to get up and dance and would squeeze you half to death.
Call your momma. If you still can …

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