I had to take this from the wall of Beverly Danielle Melton and share my thoughts.

I am a simple soul that loves vibrant colors and comfortable things .
I also live in Rockwall. and I’ve seen the pictures of some friends homes and I’ve been in several of their homes that were stunningly beautifully decorated and I was so careful to sit just so and to admire but not get comfortable .

That pressure to have the perfect house affected me and for a while I tried painting my walls a neutral shade and decorating more carefully… and I stopped inviting people over and i just spent very little time at home …. But one of the blessings of Covid was the way it hit my heart and made me be still and grateful and really opened my eyes to what I have and what I love.
Every single tile in my house was cut and laid by the hands of the man I love. .. that loves me back. The walls need another coat of paint but the reason the turquoise paint is chipped is because of grandchildren rubbing against it and dogs jumping up, and that’s a wonderful thing.
There’s marks on the doors from toys and from weights being pushed against them..
But you know what else I see … The picture above the fireplace hung at my childhood home for over 40 years, the dining table was the first thing Greg Mead and I purchased when we became engaged, the pitchers that I collect tell stories and remind me of the way God uses each of us differently with a purpose, the antique dresser was one of my Daddy’s auction purchases and I’ve carted that from house to house since 1983.
My front porch is filled with comfortable chairs and a swing that invites everyone to stop and stay awhile.

I’ve rediscovered how much I love opening my house up and filling it with the sounds of laughter.

My house will never be perfectly decorated or meticulous clean but it will be simply full of love…
and when a child that has only just met me feels like they can help themselves to ice cream from the freezer and when the dad grins and gets a beer,
then I know I’ve created exactly what I want- an open invitation home..

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