Good morning

I’m going to shoot straight with y’all-this is an emotional time for me! Last year at this time, I thought I would just be missing two weeks following guidelines for Covid exposure Instead I wound up having to miss almost three months and fight like the dickens to regain strength and balance to get back to doing what I love and loving my life!

I’m still not graceful but I’m ever so grateful for every step I take, every breath I make and every thing I can do now that I struggled to do for months!

Let me tell you, Laura carried this studio for months and kept it going and made me so thankful that God bought her to me back in 2017! She’s an amazing therapist but she’s even a more amazing woman and there have been many times that she’s driven me home when my legs just couldn’t carry me any more and it wasn’t safe for me to drive while my legs were shaking like leaves on the catalpas trees!

I’m ever so grateful for each of you clients that have continued to book with us because that shows faith that you believe we will be there for you and trust me, seeing the schedule with names lifted my spirits so much and made me feel like I can do this!

My daughter, Kateley Lyons, has long been my receptionist and office manager but she’s also almost finished with massage school because she saw the great need Rockwall Body and Soul Massage had when I couldn’t massage so she’s getting her license to fill in the gaps and be able to cover when Laura and I need it . She’s doing internship massages now and would love you have you book at Massage Academy 4 Everybody!

Whew: this is longer than I intended but I just returned from a trip to the cabin in the trees where I was able to pause, ponder, praise,pray and plan for the future

I hope that future includes YOU – I’m extending my hours and getting back on my Ashiatsu bars and making magic happen again!

Book your massages and come see me and Laura! I may cry tears of joy and I may stumble when I walk but I’m pretty strong and I’m giving it my all!
Let’s do this- you’re part of my journey and future!

Much love

Grateful but not quite graceful…. Yet!


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