Hey there

I’m reading this devotional and it always amazes me how God places the right devotional into my hands when I need it the most.

Greg Mead and I didn’t pack up and move but we did pack up our heartache and created walls which left openings for things to happen that hurt us both spiritually and really hurt our children, too. As we lost our circle of friends at church, we filled the void with selfishness and that almost broke us.

We both turned from God as if He was the one that pushed us away instead of other broken people that were trying to follow rules they were comfortable with instead of listening to God and loving us where we were.

From Hey There, Girlfriend

💙☕️” Years ago, my husband and I packed our family into a moving truck, sold the house, and left no forwarding address. We showed up at the new location with bright smiles in our attempt to leave the pain behind. Inside, we remained battered and bruised emotionally because of deep relational hurts we packed up along with our furniture.

Still, God was working. We found ourselves drawn to a couple at church. She knew everyone, having lived in that town all her life, sporting inner and outer beauty and sophistication. He was a coach and the understated but hilarious life of the party. A sweet relationship developed in time, and I have never been more thankful.

After we had been friends for a long time, I found the courage to ask how they had room for us. Our need was obvious. Friendless, broken, and desperate for relationships defined us. Why did they befriend us?

Tears flowed from my put-together friend. She never explained the tears, but I realized they needed us just when we needed them.

Experience has taught me that when I feel alone and need a friend, I am most likely not the only one. God is working in someone’s life who needs a friend as well. This is the juncture at which we find Philippians 4:18 at work.

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
Most adults have room for a new friend. We are not alone in our sense of isolation and friendlessness. Rich, true, and loyal friendships require that we believe God is preparing just the right friends for us; people who will like who we are, love us despite it and even need us because of who we are.

Good and lasting friendships bloom when you and I are mutually encouraged by each other’s faith (Romans 1:11-12). Therefore, these relationships transcend decades, seasons of life, or favorite pastimes. Forget selecting people who are like you, or even your same age. Some of the dearest friends God has ordained for you may be thirty years older than you or the same number of years younger.

Remember, you are not alone in your loneliness. Ask God to prepare your future friends as He prepares you to be women who mutually encourage each other’s faith as you experience life together.

☕️💙 more of my pondering

Last August, I was really weak but Greg pushed my walker to the patio of Jennifer Marie where she had graciously offered her home and pool for Luke’s birthday party.

I watched with gratitude and tears in my eyes as my daughter, Kateley Lyons mingled with her friends- some decades older, some her age – all showing great love and understanding and kinship for each other.

I watched as one friend helped my granddaughter, and another one grabbed towels and yet another one walked over to include me all while looking out for each other and all the children.

My Momma heart almost exploded with love because Kateley was the one hurt the most by the crumbling of the circle and it’s taken her years and years to find friends again.

In the same way, I’m opening my heart up again- stepping outside the walls and setting up the table of hospitality to see what and who God will bring to me.

I am not confined by age, or hobbies or similarities. Instead I’m looking at those that I can be myself with and become all God wants me to be.

I have a handful of 3 a.m friends that I can text and know they get it…. I have friends I pray for and I know they pray for me.

I’m writing this while wrapped in the prayer shawl that was handmade by Janet Mary Rozdil Moltzan, one of my decade older friends that has spoken words of wisdom that are etched into my soul.
I find myself drawing love and laughter from my decades younger friend, Jay Elle Pugh.. who just gets me and we share the same name and an easy kinship.

I’m friends with some people that others don’t think I should be and so is Greg but I’ve learned a few things the hard way and that’s that God uses every person and every thing for His purpose and His Glory.

I know that if the circle hadn’t crumbled, I wouldn’t be the woman I am now and this woman I am is becoming who God wants me to become

Broken open and poured out, overflowing with love and grace and maybe, just maybe sitting around a turquoise table sharing Jesus and Mema

It’s taken me long enough.. I’m opening the door. Come on in , pull up a seat, let’s see if we are meant to be.


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