Back in March

Yesterday i got dirty- really dirty- pulling weeds, moving stones, picking up two contractors bags full of broken wood, rotten logs and trash in our dog run.
I rearranged my patio furniture and gathered huge clay pots and then i carried out last summers water play things that didn’t survive too well.

As i carried things and walked across the half acreage, i found myself talking to God and thanking Him for healing me and for the people He’s bought into my life to help me do all these things.

I had another session on Wednesday with Anthony Fortier- the kinesiologist/ chiropractor that I’ve been seeing for several months and every single time, he works on me, i feel like I’m becoming more of myself, once again.

I train with Phu on Mondays and Thursdays but, in reality, i do his workouts every day.

Yesterday as i pulled a heavy rug out to the trash, i had a mental image of the program we had done last week- when he had me walk backwards with a rope across my back pulling the sled.

All the exercises challenge my neurological system and central nervous system.

And because of these two guys that God placed in my life i was able to do all this work- joyfully-patiently- painlessly- and while i got very dirty, i didn’t lose balance and fall even once!

Then this morning at 526 i carried a bag of trash out to the curb and looked up at the moon, shining directly over my house and i felt like all i could do was praise God for making all things work together for my good and His glory.

I can do all things through Him that gives me strength- and good men to help me get strong again!

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