Right now.


I found this while searching for wisdom to write on my cards that I send to clients and friends….and the more I reflect on it, the more it touches me .
Tuesday afternoon,I massaged a lady and after her two hour session ended, she wrapped me in a hug and said,”Thank you for making me feel cared for.”
And I felt tears brim in my eyes as I assured her that I did, indeed , care about her.

So rarely these days, do we give our full attention to the one we are with; we juggle our phones, our mind wanders, we become engrossed in the TV and the person we are with begins to feel like they are just one of many distractions…
When I am with someone, I put on my imaginary blinders and all my focus is centered on the one I am with-they notice and it matters.

That’s why the most important time is right now, and the most loving thing we can do is be fully present with the most important person-the one we are with.

It’s that simple.Right Now

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