She looked at the photograph No filter had been used Saw the look in her eyes And she knew How untouched she was How untouched she felt She longed to let go Release her own Pent up energy Receive the same Touch she had been giving But she felt so imperfect Torn apart and let... Continue Reading →

Too Much Trouble

They might not come Right out and say it But she can tell Read between the lines Just like she reads lips She's too much trouble "Oh,never mind" "It's no big deal" She's pushed to the side Left out and uninvited The last to know The first to go Never chosen Next to last Obligation... Continue Reading →

Die In Love

somewhere in the bookcase there's a book she had read long ago marked the pages turned down the corners and jotted words of her own she watched too many movies where one lover died in the arms of the other and she decided she'll live a real life fantasy tale she'll live in love with... Continue Reading →

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