Meant to be.

I’ve learned a beautiful lesson over the past few years….It’s something that I struggled with in the beginning and that I embrace now, although I will admit that there are times when I still wonder….but, the doubt is erased as the Universe shows me, time after time, to trust in the process of life and love.

What I’ve learned is that the people that are meant to be in my life, as friends, as clients, as kindred spirits will come to me.
I’ve found that I draw in the people that have an open heart,a deep capacity for love, and an profound interest in living an authentic life.
These people find their way into my studio, and into my heart because it is quite simply just meant to be.
I’m at the place that I am because of several beautiful relationships that lead the way….one leading to another…and together, bringing me to a place of blissful contentment and
deep desire.
The universe has bought me exactly where I need to be and it’s given me the people that belong to me.
It’s meant to be.Meant to be my clients

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