Seize The Moments

Last week,a friend and I had planned on getting together for a leisurely conversation at a coffee shop, but the “to do” list began to grow and suddenly, there wasn’t much time left before school was out and she had to pick her son up.

I suggested we meet another day and she said,” Let’s seize the moments.”
Both of us jumped in our cars, raced to the coffee shop and for 45 minutes, we laughed, cried, hugged and talked.

It was wonderful and spontaneous and just what we both needed. It’s what friendship is about.

That brings me to something I’ve realized..that so often, we make reasons NOT to do something , instead of reasons we can …find excuses, place limitations, expecting everything to be “just so” before we go do it, making sure it’s “okay” with everyone and everything else first.

I know people that live such a scheduled life, that they won’t take time for little excursions, or to do anything at the spur of the moment.

Yet, we miss out on so much by doing that. We miss out on the dance, we miss out on opportunities, and we miss out on life. We miss out on building relationships because we are concerned about what others will think…which is often the reason we deny ourselves the pleasure of company.

I’m learning to seize the moments , though, and to say “YES!” when I’m asked to have breakfast, to go for a walk, to dance with a stranger, to try a new wine, to open my home up….because I want o to live my life with anticipation, with an open heart and a willing, curious spirit ….and unless I say “YES” and seize the moments, I’ll never know if I’m missing something great.

So, next time you have 45 minutes, why don’t you text someone you’ve been thinking about and say, “I’ve got 45 minutes. Wanna meet me someplace?”

I promise I will…and if you ask me, I’ll say “Absolutely, yes!”

3 thoughts on “Seize The Moments

  1. Jeanna’

    Beautifully written! You have a lovely soul, a genuinely caring and sensitive heart.

    Keep sharing your joy with all who cross your path!

    Namaste, Metta, Love,



  2. Jeanna’

    Lovely, beautifully articulated!

    You have a lovely soul, a genuine and caring spirit!

    Keep opening your heart to those who are fortunate to cross paths with you!




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