Making my list

In 5 days, I’ll celebrate my birthday and I’ve spent the last few days making my list of what i want from this year of my life. 
I started this tradition when i was 39 -listing what i wanted to learn,to do and to become   for that year of my life.
I haven’t always did everything o my list,but writing it and creating the space for it has become a very important ritual and has made me the woman I am now, and urges me towards being the person I want to be.

One reason for my list is spurred by great loss and the realization that rules are meant to be broken.

You see, months before my 39th birthday, my mom asked me for a list of friends that she could invite to the birthday party she wanted to give me.
I said “Mom,you should wait and give me a 40th birthday ….no one does 39th birthday parties.”  and she replied “I might not live that long,Jeanna'” and even though I knew she was fighting cancer, I was still sure she would be able to throw me an “traditional” 40th birthday party -“just like everybody else”.
Well ,my mom died 3 months before my 40th birthday and I have regretted denying her the pleasure of giving me a birthday party every since.

So, now I make lists -determined to live my life without regretting lost opportunities, without paying heed to what’s “expected” but instead listening to my own soul and my own body and following my instincts and desires.

This list  lead me to enroll in massage school, to begin weight training seriously, to open my own studio, to write more and to read books that inspire and encourage me.

This year my list is divided into sections.
Financially- I want to learn to buy stocks. I’ve never done that and I’m intrigued.
Business-Develop a stronger web presence and build my client base so that I’m fully booked 4 days a week.
Learn Lomi Lomi for the spiritual side of my therapeutic work and take more classes to help clients with chronic problems.
Personal-take dance classes. I’ve been waiting for my partner to find time in his schedule,then I just accepted that it’s not a priority to him,but it is to me and so I’ll find classes for myself.

Set aside time to write and create-this fulfills my soul and it’s essential to my well-being. 

Open my heart up to new friendships,new adventures,new lessons.
One way I’m doing this is simply by saying,”YES” to invitations,and by being available to have dinner,go dancing,ride a kayak, meet for a drink.

I’m still creating my list -anticipating becoming a better dancer that is stronger in body and spirit, a more understanding,compassionate woman, an educated,empathic therapist, and a financially secure force to be reckoned with.
I want to become more brave,more intuitive,more willing and have more adventures and less “stuff” and regrets.

That’s the start of a wonderful year.
I’m taking suggestions…..what should I add to  Jeanna’s List

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