Giving gifts

The last few days I have been thinking about gifts- those we give and those we receive.  I came from a family of givers that loved to surprise loved ones with unexpected gifts.  I would often get a call, telling me stop by because they found something that was “just  perfect’ for me.

Those early days began a life long love of giving and receiving gifts. I love the whole art and act of giving.. from the first thought down to  the selecting, and seeking  , the gift wrapping and writing the cards, imaging the reaction of the  person receiving the hand picked gift … and the actually exchange .

Sometimes, though, there are times when I second guess my gifts …   wondering if it will be received with the intention that I mean for it , wondering if others will understand the gift or read more into it than intended. and sometimes I do not give , after all, because I am unsure of what to give, or how to give.

But, last week I was part of something beautiful that has lit a flame in my soul for giving abundantly  to those I know and love and to those that just happen to come into my space and my life for whatever reason and I am moved to give to them.

You see, I share my studio space with two licensed professional counselors and while I was giving a massage to a man, his wife waited in our lobby and she talked briefly with another man that was a client of one of my counselors.  When I stepped out to wash my hands after finishing her husbands session, she approached me with a request that bought us both to  tears.  She wanted to anonymously give a the man she had talked to the gift of massage.    She handed me the money to cover a session for him and we embraced,  and I saw tears of joy in her eyes that she was able to give something so precious to someone… I cried tears of gratitude to be part of such selfless giving … she barely knew the man and yet , she cared enough to give generously to someone , just because her heart lead her to.

She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t second guess herself, she didn’t feel the need to discuss  it with her husband… instead, she simply acted upon the desire to give and in doing so, she received the blissful feeling of knowing that she has made a difference.. in that mans life, in my life and in others that have seen and heard about this beautiful gift.

I wonder how many times that we have been out and about and noticed something that made us think of someone and instead of acting on the impulse and purchasing it , we shrug it off ,thinking “oh,that is SO her, but maybe I shouldn’t get it”  or “he would love this, but… I don’t know if it’s right to give it to him.”

Well, I can’t do anything about what others do, but, from this day forward , I will follow my soul and I will give when the urge strikes my fancy,when something I see makes me think instantly of someone, when the opportunity arises to bless a stranger  with something unexpected. I have already been indulging in a quest for the perfect gifts of gratitude for some dear friends… and there are more to come and I am filled with anticipation of what I am about to give .. and to receive.

The joy of gift giving … and gift receiving.. may it be yours as well as mine.

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