Clear As Day

Wherever that expression came from….I’ve always wondered because some days are dark and cloudy and other days,the sun shines so brightly that it is almost impossible to see.

Yet,we say “clear as day” as if that means everything should be clearly understood and accepted.

Well, some things have became “clear as day” to me lately and I feel lead to write a bit about it and just let my words go wherever they are intended and recieved by those who are they are meant to find them.

I read this blog written for a step mom and the daughter said,” I can’t use the word “step” in referring to you, because you have loved me and my sister and my dad in such a way that I have never felt less than beloved”

Think about that….I know so many women that are jealous of their husbands relationships with other women,,even his own daughters and sisters.
What this actually does is draw his love away from the wife, rather than multiplying and surrounding all of them,jealously divides love and it leaves everyone feeling “less than”

It’s clear as day , love your spouse’s children and encourage them to have strong bonds and time together,alone, because when you give love away,you always recieve more in return. 

Another thing that’s clear as day to me is that people can change, and real love allows others to change,grow and become who they are meant to be.
Sometimes it’s difficult to accept the changes without saying, “ooh, you used to do this” or ” this won’t last,it’s too much of a change” but in doing that, we place limitations -not just on the one that’s changing ,but also ourselves.
Sometimes the change is small- like choosing to wear a wedding band,other times it’s complex like changing to a vegan lifestyle or moving to a different state.

Some changes take great courage; opening my own studio was a huge change and it took faith and courage from others and myself.

It has been clear as day the best thing I could have done for myself.

I also know that the right people come into our lives when we need them.
I’ve watched friendships bloom and flourish between unexpected people and each has become better because of the friendship.
The spiritual connection between friends is a precious gift that should be nurtured.
I’ve let some friendships fall away and I’ve taken others for granted when it’s clear as day that these relationships are essential,and worth pursuing and cultivating.

One thing is for sure, I see clearly enough that love covers a multiple of sins, it covers everything,Clear As Day

Feel with both hands, Jeanna’

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