Once In A Blue Moon

A few days ago,a client came to me for a massage. As I went over the intake form with him,I asked when he had his last massage and he replied, “It’s been awhile,I can’t really remember the last time.”
So I remarked to him, “Looks like you just get a massage once in a blue moon!”

We had a good chuckle over it,but it really got me to thinking about the  “once in a blue moon” massage  and how that affects us.

Most people know the benefits of massage therapy, and they thoroughly enjoy receiving massages but they don’t schedule regular sessions.
I think a lot of that has to do with the misconception that many people have that massage is a “luxury”, an “indulgence” instead of an absolute essential part of a healthy lifestyle.
I see people that workout several times a week, and those that run miles every day. Some of them teach fitness classes multiple times a day.
These people are all strong and healthy. They watch what they eat and drink and they keep detailed track of their training progress and eating plans.
Yet these same people miss out on another important aspect of wellness.
They get massages “once in a blue moon” or just before an event or, more often than not, right after they have injured themselves and they text me,desperate for relief and comfort.
I’ve tried explaining that,just has they know that consistent exercise develops strength and balance and endurance,consistent massage therapy sessions helps to maintain physical,spiritual and mental health.
No one expects one workout every 4 or 5 months to keep them in the best shape,but many people assume that one massage will release years of knots and absolve muscle  soreness and stress levels.
It won’t,though.
Massage,like anything else, ,takes time to work wonders on your body.  While a”blue moon” massage may feel good,to truly reap the real benefits, you really need to begin scheduling sessions like other things that are a priority. 

Getting frequent massages isn’t a selfish thing to do.
It’s actually one of the best things you can do for those you love. Massage reduces stress,which makes you calmer,which makes you better able to deal with your children,your spouse,your co-workers and the day to day adventures and hassles of life. The time you spend with your massage therapist is probably some of the only times that you are the focus of attention,where you are not multitasking,or staring at a screen while listening to others.
The time on the table is sacred, it’s one-on-one while you just recieve mindful attention to your body and that soothes the soul.
It’s a time to relax,to let go and to connect with our own self. It’s one of the reason that I consider massage therapy my passion and my calling, because it’s truly not a career to me, it’s who I am,it’s what I do -give attention,listen to the body and the soul, hold space for each person and treat every body with the utmost respect and compassion.
Now,isn’t that something that should be experienced more than just “once in a blue moon”?
Blue Moon Massage

Feel with both hands, Jeanna’

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