52 Weeks

Today is the first Monday of the New Year,the beginning of 52 weeks of another year.
I’ve always made New Year’s resolutions and,truth be told, i haven’t always kept them but this year will be different.

You see, in the past,most of my resolutions were about myself. I resolved to train harder,to give up chocolate,to ride so many miles a day, to stick to a rigid schedule,to eat healthier, and to get down to a certain size,a certain body fat percentage, a certain level of fitness.
These were all good plans,but they were also focused only on my body,not on the other things that mattered,and because of that, I got frustrated and often,gave up.

This year I’m making another list of New Year’s resolutions that honor my soul and my body,by putting it into a different perspective because of what I’ve learned this past year.

Faith,hope,and love abide,but the greatest of these is love .
(1 Corinthians 13)

I have decided that these 52 weeks are a gift from God, wrapped tightly in beautiful paper, filled up with layers of tissue paper ,tied with twine and ribbons,with a beautiful  handwritten tag that says,
“To: Jeanna’
From: Your Heavenly Father,with love ”

I hold this wonderful gift with anticipation, almost trembling with excitement over what’s inside, what He’s chosen for me, what I’ll find as I untie the ribbons, pull off the papers,open the box and peek inside. Each layer,each day,each week brings another treasure,revealing another hand picked gift just for me. Hidden beneath the layers,there’s lessons to be learned,there’s opportunities to serve,there’s chances to forgive, people to love, experiences to have and chances to dance.
This New Year is His gift to me and, like any other gift exchange, it’s up to me to reciprocate and so I will.

With great delight, my resolutions this year will be to give extravagantly, just like my Father does.
I’m going to give unexpected gifts, send out handwritten letters, surprise unwary strangers with acts of kindness.
I’m going to buy flowers,bake cookies and prune cakes and give them away. I’ll send care packages and order gifts to arrive at the doorsteps,just to brighten someone’s day.
Instead of waiting for a birthday or official holiday, I’m going to celebrate the “everyday” and give just because I can.
I’m going to ask questions and get to really know my family,my friends,and my clients so that I’ll know what they want and need and how I can show my appreciation better.
I’m not going to hesitate when I feel the urge to reach out, to give,to touch,to do more.

I’m going to take full advantage of this New Year.
This is my chance to get down and dirty, to dig deep,and to sow seeds of love, forgiveness,grace,and mercy and then reap the abundant crop it yields. There will be so much that I’ll be able to give away even more.

52 weeks….what a gift beyond words….You know me so well….the absolute perfect gift, just what I wanted and exactly what I needed.
Thank you, thank you….I can’t wait to give back!

52 Weeks

Feel with both hands, Jeanna’

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