Why Not?

I just read this post on Twitter.and it said “Why not?”.
That’s it,that’s all it said and yet I just couldn’t get those two words off my mind all day. During sessions with clients,while working out,even when driving from one place to another.
Why not?
Why not?
Why not.indeed.babe.why not?
How many times have you talked yourself out of something? Passed up opportunities? Turned down invitations? Put off going someplace you longed to go?
How many times have you sat quietly when you really wanted to speak your mind? Why did you decide not to buy something you loved just because it was a little “too much”? Why didn’t you just go ahead and grab the hand of a “fine.young man and dance  down the grocery aisle?

That’s what my Mema would do-much to my embarrassment when I was a teenager-she would hear a song at the store and start dancing along and sometimes,if she was lucky,some “fine,young man” would dance with her.

The more I think about it,the more I think, “Why not?”

Why not stop and smell the flowers while you’re in the grocery store?  Heck,why not buy yourself a bouquet of flowers just because you can?

That’s something I started doing 3 years ago,when I accepted that no-one else was going to think of buying me flowers,so I just decided to buy my own.
Instead of expecting someone else to read my mind and know what I wanted, I thought, “why not just do it!”

And you know what?

There is something so wonderful about living with that sense of carefree anticipation, that willingness to be spontaneous and open to the possibilities.
It’s also owning up to your own abilities,desires and choices. It’s taking the incentive, making the first move,grabbing the bull by the horn, so to speak.

That’s what my friend, Jan, did this past Christmas, and it turned out to one of the best Christmases ever-all because she thought “why not ?”and invited others to join them to celebrate. Instead of just doing things the same old way, she took the incentive and offered an invition which bought even morr joy to the day.

A few weeks ago, I stayed late to give a massage to an exhausted client that apologized for being late due to a massive traffic jam.
He seemed surprised that I was willing to wait for him and I said,”why not, I’m already here,everything’s prepared,why not wait for you?”

Sometimes we over-analyze things too much instead of just giving in to the glorious freedom of. “Why not?” We think too much about what others would think instead of considering what we think and feel ourselves.

I know I’ve wrestled with-this more that I care to admit. I’ve hesitated before making a call,before dropping in to visit someone,and even yesterday, I had second thoughts about using a picture for my business rack cards.

At first glance, the picture may look a little sexy,but when I look at that picture,I see a smile that radiates confidence and joy as I remember that day spent with my good friend,Kerri.
As we walked to the restaurant for lunch,she suggested we take some photos for my website and so we did.  It was such a fun experience, we were laughing and talking,completely comfortable with each other and that’s what I see when I look at that picture- I don’t just see myself, I see my friend, and the warm,inviting aura that surrounds us.
So when misgivings about the picture came to mind, I pushed them aside and thought “why not?”

There’s another side to this,though, and it’s not just fun and games.

Sometimes, we hold on to the past,refusing to let go,to forgive,to heal.
And then,the same question comes back to mind.
Why not?
Why not?
Why not step forward and be the first to apologize?  Why not ask tu be forgiven,and to forgive?  Why not reconnect with an old friend that you’ve missed?

We put ourselves in jail, and swallow our own key when we live bound by rules and regulations, by fear and regrets,by shame and guilt.

When it really could be as simple,as beautiful,as empowering as saying “why not?” and then going forth boldly with the answer on your lips -“Why not?”

No reason.


why not!


Feel with both hands, Jeanna’

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