A Slice Of Love…Or Cake


Once in a blue moon, I buy this cheesecake variety because I know that everyone will get a slice or two of their favorite. I love watching how they pick and choose,trying to decide which they REALLY want, and how they take a bite or two of someone else’s slice.

It’s always been just a cake-a really good cake-but,I’ve learned something very enlightening about cakes and about love.

Maybe if we think of love like a variety of cheesecakes,we will realize there’s enough slices for everyone, and there’s different ways to love and be loved by different people.

Maybe,just maybe,each one of us is a variety cheesecake and we can give slices of ourselves-and our love-differently,beautifully,wonderfully to more people than we ever thought possible.

There’s enough love to go around, for each child we have,for our spouses,our friends,our family,and our kindred spirits. We can and do love different people in different ways, and that’s the incredible capacity of the soul’s ability to grow,to expand and create more space,more intimacy,more love,more depth and,of course,more variety!

When I was a child, I absolutely adored my Papa-Daddy. He raised me from the time I was an infant so,as far as I was concerned,he was more than just my “Papa”,he was also my “Daddy”.

Sometimes this caused jealously in the family, because I “walked the fence”,claiming to be both a child and a grandchild- I was grabbing TWO slices of that cheesecake.

One day, I was reminded that I was “just a grandchild” by someone and I tearfully ran to my Daddy and asked him,”Don’t you WANT to be my Daddy? Don’t you love me?”

My poor Daddy had to explain to me,over and over,for years to come that he did,indeed,want to be my Daddy and he did love me.
He had to “walk that fence”,too,straddling the fence between his children and grandchildren, all because we didn’t realize that there was plenty of love to go around,more than enough, for each of us.

There’s so many broken relationships, hurt feelings,tangled lines all because we are afraid that there’s not going to be enough to go around, that our favorite slice will be taken from us.
We hoard the cake,spoiling the flavor,ruining the entire deliciousness because we don’t want to share,to give anyone else a bite, or two,or a slice.

But I’ve been thinking, that’s got to change and it can begin with the way we look at ourselves and at  those we love.

We are created by the Master Pastry Chef-created with love,sprinkled with all kinds of gifts,of experiences,of unique  abilities and talents,and placed just where we are supposed to be. 
We were made to love and to be loved,to be sliced and shared, to be tasted and to taste.
We were placed on a giant circle, nestled in between others so that we can develop a richer,deeper flavor.

I believe that we can and should love more, that we can love different people in a variety of ways and there’s always more slices of our love to give away,to share,to enjoy.
You see,unlike cheesecake-we can’t over indulge in love,we don’t need to count calories or fat grams,or have a “cheat day” in our diet plan for love.

No,love shouldn’t be limited to once in a blue moon,and showing love shouldn’t be limited to special occasions, and love shouldn’t be hoarded,or forced fed, and it certainly shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

There’s enough love in each of us and for each of us to have all we will ever need or want.
Every slice of love you give, creates more- the more you love,the more you will be loved,and the more generously you give of your love,the more love you will receive back.
You may not get back the same slice you gave,and you might sometimes get a smaller or bigger slice of your favorite,but you’ll always have enough and you can always ask the Master Pastry Chef to make you some more.

After all, that’s what love does-any way you slice it!A Slice of Love

Feel with both hands, Jeanna’

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