I Want To Talk To You

One evening, I decided to walk outside to pull the weeds along my front flowerbed.
My family was about to watch a movie and the timing seemed perfect to sneak out alone.
I made it to the end of the pathway when my daughter came walking up to me with a sparkle in her eyes and the biggest smile.
“Mom. I have to tell you what Riven just said” 
As I had shut the front door and walked out,my two year old granddaughter,ran behind saying,
“Hey,hey,hey I want to talk to you!”

Since I’m hard of hearing, Riven’s call fell on deaf ears- however, my daughter made sure that I knew what Riven said.

“I want to talk to you.” 

What a loaded sentence. It can fill us with anticipation or with dread, depending on who makes the statement and what the circumstances are.

Sometimes it’s hard to say those words, to be the first to express a desire but other times,it’s a confirmation that we are,indeed,wanted.

My daddy could always be found outside in our backyard,sitting on this long swing he had hung,under the shade trees.
Wherever I wanted to talk to him, I knew where to find him and, more importantly, I knew that he would always listen.

Sometimes, though, Daddy would tap my shoulder and sternly say, ” I want to talk to you” and I knew to go out to that swing and to wait for him to come.
I learned some very important lessons while sitting on that swing, listening to my daddy talk to me.

“I want to talk to you.”

I crouched down in the grass, wiping the dirt from my hands and asked Riven, “So, you want to talk to me?”

Pure delight filled her eyes, the  biggest smile lit up her face as she grabbed my hand and exclaimed,”YEA!!”

We walked hand in hand to my own porch swing and sat down to “talk”, but mostly we just laughed and snuggled. It wasn’t the words that mattered,it was about the time we spent together.

“I want to talk to you” 

When my friend sent me that text, I knew that we would soon be sharing a meal, leaning forward,catching up on each other’s lives.
It was an invitation, a request to share thoughts,ideas,and feelings.  There’s something so special about friendships that grow because they make the time and effort to spend quality time together-to talk and to listen.

“I want to talk to you.”

A year ago, those words were said and I stood for months on the ragged edge between hope and despair,faith and doubt,lost and found.

That’s when I began to realize that I had to make a choice -to tear down-the walls I had built and to forgive and heal the wounds or to give up and move on from the past.

“I want to talk to you.”

That’s how I’ve always seen God -like a wonderful dad that pats the seat on the swing and beckons me to sit down and pour out my heart to Him.
I don’t have to plan ahead,to get all dressed up or attend a special service at a certain time or to fight the feelings of shame or judgment.
I never second guess my place,or doubt that He’ll listen.
I just know that, no matter what I have to say, He’ll listen because all my life, even when it fell on deaf ears,He was saying,

“I want to talk to you.”  http://rockwallbodyandsoulmassage.comI

Feel with both hands, Jeanna’

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