Here I am

All by myself
This little place
I call my sanctuary
Where I can dance
To my hearts content
Listen to my music
Playing good and loud
And still hear
The whisper of my God
Who tells me
I am His
More than good enough
Set apart
Made just the way I am
To do great things
In my own way
As the spirit moves me
Telling me to reach
My comfort zone
Hula hoop
Circle of friends
And go further than ever
With my words
Touching others
Creating a ripple effect
Of deep love
And grace
By casting out
Stone after stone
From my sanctuary
To anyone that comes
Close enough
For me to touch
With my hands
My words
My soul
My love
No matter
How far I am

Jeanna’ Mead
4 53 p.m 11.19.16

#poetrywriting #beautifulsoul #castyourstone #lastgifts  #bodyandsoulinspiration #myownwords #writing #jeannasoul #wisewords #because #createarippleeffect #rockwallbodyandsoulmassage #ChristmasSpirit #ShopSmall #downtownrockwall #touch

Feel with both hands, Jeanna’

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