Turquoise Cottage

I saw this cottage

And she invited me

“Come around again

Take another look

Can you just imagine

How I would look

With jasmine growing along the steps

Pennyroyals filling the cracks between the path 

Trumpet vines cascading over

Lavender and sage growing almost wild beside lantana bushes lining my sides

A few rocking chairs scattered here and there

Windchimes playing melodies

Every kind of mint in handpainted pots

Just waiting for a glass of tea

Wouldn’t I be a lovely place

For you to sit and rest

Read a book and write your own

Kick off your boots and dance

Barefoot on the floor

Hang some chiffon and lace in the windows

Enough to keep the out shadows but leave the light

We could have so much fun

If only I wasn’t so far away

For you to invite 

The rest of those that matter so much to come and gather

At the turquoise cottage

That invites “

👣Jeanna’ Mead

8 46 p.m.  2.18.19

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