Mindful……patio pondering

Be mindful, be present, be “all there”,,, the last few days, I have been reading and pondering and writing and this thought keeps coming back … “be all there, wherever you are, whatever you do”

Pay attention… to the light in someone’s eyes, to the scent of a friend, to the aroma of fresh baked bread, listen to every whispered word, to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves, to the tenderness in the voice of a stranger…feel the callouses  in the next hand you hold, linger in the embrace, stroke the face of someone you love, reach out and touch a stranger, let your hands grasp- for a moment – as you exchange money or reach for your cup of coffee…..  Notice…  what the people around you are wearing.. begin to know them well enough to know what colors and styles they like, notice the little things- a necklace, earrings,..  ask about something— you may hear the most wonderful story about the cape they are wearing.   Look closely… pretend, my friends, that you can not hear well.. and really watch what people say.. read their lips, their body language, their expressions….  get to know them…   “yada yada”…  a Jewish friend told me once that it means ” to know, and to be known”….  we can only do this .. when we are mindful, when we pay attention, when we savor the moments and the people… and allow ourselves to indulge in joy, in moments, …  be all there… in every kiss, in every sip, in every hug, in every dance, in every song, in every cup..  please.. just , just try.

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