More, please!

I want more… more time to talk, more surprises along the way, more texts that make me smile and laugh out loud, more songs sent to me, more cool breezes and soft summer rains.. I want more sugar – the kind that doesn’t have calories, more strength, more compassion, more energy, and  more time to linger over drinks on the patio and coffee in the sunshine.. I want more spur of the moment visits, more spontaneous dances, more massages – both given by me and given to me,,,, I want more good times, more memories, more lovin’ and more hugs…. I want to unwrap more presents, and find unexpected treasures…… I want to write more, to dance more, to breathe more, to lift more, to experience more, to enjoy more, to capture more, to understand more and to BE more…  and I ain’t going to settle  for less .. when I want MORE~!!!

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