Not Lost

Outside on my patio

I’m writing cards

Sending notes

And this song comes on 
I ain’t gonna lose

My confidence 

Or my attitude
I’ve learned

Too much about

Who I am

And who He is
I’m set apart 


From-the rest
It used to bother me

That I never quite fit in

I built a wall

Stood behind it
Till truth came 

Filled my heart

I’m good enough

Way too-much

To just blend in
So I’m outside

And the sunshine

Is-coming from


My very own soul

#lyrics got the #lyrics for “Don’t Lose Your Love” byI

This poem was written on June 20 of 2016 during my healing days when I struggled to find my place and the only place I felt i belonged was on my patio.

i can finally publish this. 

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