Just Words

“It’s not about what we’ve lost; it’s about what we have.” 

Profound words of wisdom from a movie. 

Far too often,we think about what we’ve lost instead of focusing on what we have. 

Instead of seeing the beauty,we see flaws,instead of finding another purpose,we simply discard things and rather than seeking ways to make things work,we find reasons that they can’t.  
A few days ago,a well meaning man offered to pray for my hearing to be restored. I gently stopped him and said,”You can pray for my hearing if you want,but that’s not really something I consider needing to change”  

I explained that I would rather him pray for my capacity to love and to understand,to forgive and to become a kinder,stronger woman. 

He nodded and said that he understood and I believe he does. 

You see, I don’t focus on what i can’t hear, I am grateful for what I do hear when I listen with all of my intention,with an open mind and a loving spirit. That’s what I want,anyway,to listen and respond with love -because of what I have,and because of what I’ve lost.

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