Wildflower…Raw Honey.


she needed to see

herself through

the eyes of others
when all around her

are well-manicured

 polished and proper

ladies of wealth

ot pretending to be

in diamonds and gold

carrying purses 

that cost far too much 
Most days she looked

in the mirror

and liked what she saw
laughed at the changes

 age had bought on
chose her jewelry

as talismans

treasures given

by those who

 loved her
just the way she was
a wild flower

raw honey

in well worn boots

and frayed jeans

on the days 

she wasn’t barefoot

and fancy free
she gave love

truth and beauty
kissed the wounds

of many

and wrapped her arms

 good and tight


all those that came

close enough 

to catch the scent

of raw honey

mixed with chocolate

and coconut.
đź’—Jeanna’ Mead

7 42 a.m. 9/29/17

because Randy left the door open…again!

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