Milk It

There’s some people

that just milk it

for all it’s worth

They hold on 

to the past

old heartches

broken promises

grudges and mistakes

the debt is never paid 

the wrongs are never right 

nothing’s ever good enough

lessons are never learned

They are always a victim

never a survivor

Quick to point a finger

place the blame 

spread some shame

what’s done isn’t done and over

it’s set on repeat and rewind

over and over, again

Bought up and displayed

A constant show of insecurity

with a sky high price

that others have to pay

lessons never learned

forgiveness is only

a tiny little token

spoken but withheld

As they milk it 

for all it’s worth

just because they can

and she’ll be damned

if she’ll be anything

like some people

-Jeanna’ Mead

4 31 p.m. 10/24/17

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