Worth Her Weight

    is she worth her weight

    in silver or gold

    Is she too much to carry

    or too hard to hold

    Is she a burden

    such a heavy load

    Or is she enough

    the way she is

    Could it be

    without her boots and jeans

    she might be

    a little lighter 

    easier to carry 

    Is she too much

    to handle

    too hard to control

    Does she come across

    a little too strong

    show where she was raised

    and what she thinks

    does she move her body

    as if she knows her strength

    and how to use what she has

    Wouldn’t things be different

    if she didn’t reckon

    that she was certainly

    worth her weight

    in gold

    Jeanna’ Mead.

    6 20 p.m. 



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